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Great Rishis of India

1- Agastya--
The Hindu sage (Rishi) who drank the ocean empty. 
2- Bhagiratha--
The Hindu sage who brought the river Ganga from heaven to earth. 
3- Bharadwaj --
A sage of Dwaparayuga period; father of teacher Drona. 
4- Bharata -- 
Sage who wrote the treatise on Indian Dance known as Natyashastra. 
5- Brahaspati -- 
Name of a wise Hindu sage who accumulated tremendous knowledge. 
6- Dadheechi --
Hindu sage who sacrificed his backbone so good may triumph over evil. 
7- Dattatreya -- 
A sage who had elements of all three Vedic Gods (Trimuttis). 
8- Durvasa -- 
An ill tempered sage from Indian mythologies who cursed Shakuntala. 
9- Gowtama -- 
Sage of Ramayana period who cursed his wife Ahalya into becoming a stone for her infidelity. 
10- Jamadagni --
A sage from Indian mythologies who is the father of Parashurama. 
11- Kamban -- 
South Indian Poet-sage of 11th century A.D. who wrote the masterpiece Ramayana in Tamil. 
12- Madhvacharaya (1239-1319) -- 
Hindu sage who advocated Dvaitism, which emphasized the immutable difference between the individual soul and the supreme soul. 
13- Manu -- 
The sage who set up the laws for man-woman relationship in the society. 
14- Narad -- 
Hindu sage and traveler; devotee of Lord Vishnu. 
15- Parasar --
a sage who begot Vyasa though Satyavati before she married Shantanu. 
16- Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950) --
A great sage of India, who made great inroads into peace and spiritual knowledge. 
17- Vaishampayana -- 
A sage, and a pupil of Vyasa who recited the story of Mahabharat at a sacrifice held by Janamejaya. 
18- Valmiki --
Hindu sage who is believed to have composed the epic Ramayana. 
19- Vatsyayana -- 
The Hindu poet who wrote the famed treatise Kamasutra of Vatsyayana. 
20- Vishwamitra --
A great Hindu sage and scholar who is referred to as the Brahmarshi; tested truthfulness of Harischandra. 
21- Vyasa --
Ancient Indian sage and writer of the epic Mahabharata; son of Parasar and Satyavati. 
22- Yajnavalkya --
A great Hindu scholar and sage (Brahmarshi), said to have written the Shukla Yajurveda. 

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