सोमवार, 28 नवंबर 2011

Patriot must involved in restoration / renaissance

The governments of our society can punish criminals but personal stupidity, ignorance, and corruption cannot be eliminated. In a democracy, it is difficult to control and regulate the personal flaws of people which can be easily altered in a dictatorship. In a democracy, social reforms are done by social workers or social leaders. Only these types of people are capable of raising the awareness levels of a person or society. In ancient history, one can find that a nation’s pride was elevated to the highest level by social workers. They invested their time in two aspects; One, to develop their own personality in all respects so that people could follow them, and two, to devote themselves with full enthusiasm and energy in order to inspire and motivate people to achieve excellence in all areas of life. These concepts were a great tradition of Saints, Brahmins, and Vanprasthis (those that left their houses & families to live in the ASHRAMS). This is the secret of our history, but unfortunately, all of the aspects of this culture are demolished. Whatever we have seen in these forms has diverted itself now. Today’s targets, focuses, and ideals are entirely different and useless. It is not worth crying over these unfortunate happenings. Rather, we have to compensate for the loss in some other way. If household people are ready, it is their religious duty to devote and contribute some time for the enhancement of good acts in the society. The compensation is possible because development is based on this involvement and devotion. Today, there is a need for people who are patriotic and have a zeal for society and the betterment of people. The lives of these people are really worth noting and they play pivotal roles in society. 

-Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

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