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Hreem shreem kleem medha prabha 
jeevan jyoti prachand
Shanti, kranti, jagruti, pragati, 
rachana shakti akhand

Jagat janani, mangal karani, 
Gayatri sukhdham
Pranvo savitri, svadha, 
swaha puran kam
O mother Gayatri, you pervade everywhere, as Goddess Saraswati in the form of "HRIM" beeja, as Goddess Laxmi in the form of "SHRIM" beeja, as Goddess Mahakali in the form of "KLIM" beeja. You stand omnipotent as the embodiment of intellect, touch of life. O mother, assuming the forms of peace, revolution, enlightenment, progress and inexhaustible power, you are the creator of everything. O universal mother Gayatri, you are the dispenser of all auspicious things to all. You are the abode of bliss. O Savitri, embodied in "OMKARA" O supreme power in the form of "SWAHA" and "SWADHA" O Gayatri, you are the fulfiller of all desired things.

Boor Bhuvaha Swaha Om Yut Janani 
Gayatri Nit Kalimal Dahani 
Akshar Chouvis Param Punita 
Inmein Base Shastra Shruti Gita 
Shasvat Satoguni Sat Rupa 
Satya Sanatan Sudha Anupa 
Hansarudh Sitamber Dhari 
Swarn Kanti Shuchi Gagan-Bihari

O Gayatri, incorporated in "OMKAR" and "Bhoorbhuvah Swaha" (Pranava- Sat-Chit-Anand), you are the remover of all impurities, arising through the impact of Kali. The twenty-four letters of the "Gayatri Mantra" are supremely holy. In them are embodied all the scriptures, Shrutis, and the Geeta. Having a Swan as her carrier, Gayatri, is clad in spotless white. Her lustrous form dazzles like gold. Betaker of the heavenly route O Mother, you are the embodiment of everlasting "Satwa Guna" as well as truth-incarnate and the dispenser of a unique nectar-like bliss.

Pustak, Pushp, Kamandalu, Mala 
Shubhra Varna Tanu Nayan Vishala
Dhyan Dharat Pulakit Hiy Hoi 
Sukha Upajat, Dukh Durmati Khoi
Kamdhenu Tum Sur Taru Chhaya 
Nirakar Ki Adbhut Maya
Tumhari Sharan Gahey Jo Koi 
Tarei Sakala Sankat So Soi

The book of the vedas, a lotus, a gourd and a rosary adorn each of the four hands respectively of mother Gayatri. She has a fair complexion, and has big eyes. One who meditates upon such a form of mother Gayatri, experiences a rare thrill. He is filled with happiness and all his miseries and evil intentions cease. O mother, you are like the desire-yielding cow, and grant the desired objects and aspirations of a person. O mother, though you are formless, your 'Maya' is amazing. Anyone who surrenders himself to you, is freed from all his troubles.

Saraswati Lakshmi Tum Kali 
Depai Tumhari Joyti Nirali
Tumhari Mahima Par Na Pavai 
Jo Sharad Shatmukh Gun Gavai
Char Ved Ki Matu Punita 
Tum Brahmani Gauri Sita
Mahamantra Jitne Jaga Mahin 
Kou Gayatri Sam Nahin

O mother Gayatri, you, who are the embodiment of Laxmi, Saraswati and Mahakali, have a splendor which is uniquely resplendent. Your prowess is limitless. Even if Goddess Saraswati were to extol your qualities even with her humdred mouths, she would not be able to do so properly. O holy mother, you are the mother of the four vedas. Brahmani, Gauri, and Sita are your manifestations only. Of all the existing mantras in the universe, there is none that can be at par with the greatness of this great Gayatri Mantra.

Sumirat Hiya Mein Gyan Prakashey 
Aalas Pap Avidya Nashey
Srushti Beej Jag Janani Bhavani 
Kalratri Varda Kalyani
Brahma Vishnu Rudra Sur Jete 
Tumso Paven Surata Te Te
Tum Bhaktan Ki Bhakt Tumhare 
Janani Hin Putra Pran Te Pyara

Thus the chanting of this great Gayatri Mantra gives rise to a great enlightenment in the heart. At the same time, idleness, sins, and wickedness are dispelled. O universal mother Bhavani, you are the primary fountain spring of the whole universal existence. O mother, you are the dark night of destruction too. At the same time, you are the benevolent mother showering bliss on one and all. O pristinely sanctifying mother, the godliness that is there in the three chief Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh has been attained by them through your grace. You are the sole mother of the devotees who are truly your children, one and all. O mother of the vedas, to a mother her children are ever dearer than life.

Mahima Aparampar Tumhari 
Jai Jai Jai Tripada Bhayhari
Purita Shakala Gyan Vigyana 
Tum Sam Adhik Na Jag mein Ana
Tumahi Jani Kachhu Rahey Na Shesha 
Tumahi Pae Kachhu Rahey Na Klesha
Janat Tumahi Tumahi Hai Jai 
Paras Parsi Kudhatu Suhai

O mother (of the Vedas), limitless is your greatness, victory, victory be to you! O Tripada (Gayatri), the dispelled of all the fears you are the fountain spring of all knowledge and sciences. Nothing in the world is, O mother, greater than you. O blessed mother, nothing else, remains to be known by him who has known you. O mother, no grief or troubles exist for him who has been fortunate enough to have your sight. Just as base iron turns into gold, at the touch of the paras (philosopher's stone), in the same way one who knows you, becomes fully identified with you.

Tumhari Shakti Deepey Sab Thai 
Mata Tum Sab Thour Samai
Grah Nakshatra Brahmand Ghanere 
Sab Gativan Tumhare Prere
Sakala Srushti Ki Pran Vidhata 
Palak Poshak Nasak Trata
Mateswari Daya Vratdhari 
Tum San Tarain Pataki Bhari

O mother you are omnipresent and your sway pervades everywhere. All the heavenly bodies such as planets, stars - even this mighty universe - get their motivation when they are inspired through your grace. O mother, you are the creator and the sustainer of the whole creation. You maintain, nourish, and finally destroy all. Even the worst sinners committing the most heinous crimes are absolved through your grace. Thus being freed from all sins, they become sanctified.

Japar Krupa Tumhari Hoi 
Tapar Krupa Karey Saba Koi
Mand Buddhi Te Buddhi Bal Pavey 
Rogi Rog Rahit Ho Javein
Daridra Mitey, Katey Saba Pira 
Nashey Duhkh Harey Bhav Bhira
Gruh Klesha Chitt Chinta Bhari 
Nasai Gayatri Bhayahari

O mother Gayatri, a person lucky to be favored by your grace, becomes favored by all. Receiving your favor even the worst dullard becomes highly intelligent; similarly one afflicted with a disease is cured of his ailment, and an utter pauper gets rid of his poverty. Your grace protects one from terrible calamities. The worry of being caught in the cycle of birth and death ceases through your grace. O mother Gayatri, the redeemer from all the sins, frees a man from the terrible torments of domestic, strife, and other worries that eat away the very vitals of the heart.

Santati Heen Susantati Pavei 
Sukh Sampati Yut Moda Manavein
Bhoot Pishach Sabai Bhaya Khavein 
Yam Ke Dut Nikat Nahin Avein
Jo Sadhava Sumirein Chitta Lai 
Akshat Suhag Sada Sukhdai
Ghara Vara Sukhprada Lehein Kumari 
Vidhava Rahein Satyavratdhari

O Mother, childless persons, if they receive your favor through your remembrance get good issues and thus favored, they pass their days in a rich and blissful state. O fear dispelling mother, one gets rid of the fear from ghosts and evil spirits through your remembrance. The agents of the god of death, Yama, dare not come near one who worships you. Any woman with a husband living, enjoys the bliss of being in the unbroken conjugal state, if she remembers you sincerely. A virgin through your remembrance is endowed with a desirable husband of a good household, which makes her happy. A widow remembering you always, is able to remain constant in her vow of truth and good faith.

Jayati Jayati Jagdamba Bhavani 
Tum Sam Aur Dayalu Na Dani
Jo Sadguru So Deeksha Pavein 
So Sadguru Ko Safal Banavein
Sumiran Karein Suruchi Badbhagi 
Lahai Manorath Gruhi Viragi
Ashta Siddhi Nav Nidhi Ki Data 
Sab Samarth Gayatri Mata

O mother of the Universe, O Bhavani, victory be to you surely; there is none else so compassionate and the dispenser of all the desire. He who being initiated by a good guru with Gayatri, will have his aim of attaining accomplishment of his sadhana fully realized. Such a fortunate person, though he may be a householder or a renunciate, if he remembers mother Gayatri with love and devotion, will see all his desires are fulfilled by mother Gayatri. Eight types of accomplishments, and nine types of treasures are gifted to him by mother Gayatri, whose powers surpasses that of all other gods and goddesses.

Rishi, Muni, Yati, Tapasvi, Yogi 
Arat, Arthi, Chintit, Bhogi 
Jo Jo Sharan Tumhari Avein 
So So Mana Vanchhita Fala Pavein 
Bala, Buddhi, Vidya, Sheel Svabhau 
Dhan, Vaibhav, Yash, Tej, Uchhau 
Sakala Badhein Upajein Sukh Nana 
Jo Yah Path Karein Dhari Dhyana 

O merciful mother, you fulfill all the desires and grant all the expectations of all those who surrender themselves to you. Any one of these, be he a sage or a yati, an ascetic or a yogi, one performing penances or afflicted with a disease or one wishing to enjoy all the worldly pleasures or hankering for riddance from his anxieties, or longing for riches will have his wishes granted. If these forty verses are recited with a concentrated mind a person obtains strength, intellect, knowledge, good character, prosperity, wealth, and many other types of happiness.

Yeh Chalisha Bhaktiyut Path Kare Jo Koi
Tapar Krupa Prasannata Gayatri Ki Hoi

If these forty verses are recited with a concentrated mind, the person obtains strength, intellect, knowledge, good character, prosperity, wealth, and many other types of happiness.

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