मंगलवार, 6 दिसंबर 2011

Not only wealth but also intelligence...

There is a perception in the world that happiness, peace and prosperity can be attained by accumulating material resources and wealth. A lot of efforts are being made for the same. At the same time we must remember that wealth can be beneficial only when our emotional level is also high. A dispassionate person may very well convert prosperity into adversity and distress. A person with no conscience can misuse wealth. If there is dearth of food, people can survive by eating whatever comes but if there is dearth of emotions then only pain will remain. 

It has been observed that the life of rich people is more disturbed and disgraceful compared to the poor. Examples of our ancient Rishis show that life can be lived happily in poverty too. There is no enmity or conflict with accumulating wealth, but if our emotional quotient is also high along with materialistic growth, then we can be more happy and peaceful, and so will be the society. If we neglect emotions and focus only on wealth then that money will be spent in destruction only. Can a sword in the monkey’s hand be of any assistance to any body? 

-Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

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