मंगलवार, 12 जुलाई 2011

Small thought about life

1--Dusro pr raham kro
-apne uper vishwas kro
-dukh he sukh ka pita
-dukho ka bap, Mamtw
-Imandari, Divya gun
-hansna, 100 rogo ki dwa 
2- -Mon (silence) 1 devi radio h.use it.
-Ekant sevn kro.
-Bhog bina chhutkara nhi.
-Apna tirskar mt kro. 
3- To love without condition,
To talk without intention,
To give without reason,
To care without expectation,
Is the art of"true relation" 
4- Nice Lines by Chanakya-
U r born without anything but u die with your NAME. So that name must not be a Word. It must be a History. 
5- The best angle from which to approach any problem is the TRY-angle. 
6- bado k prati samman or saralta ka, barabar walo se prasannta ka, or choto k prati komlta ka vyawahar-bhale manushyo ka lakshan h. 
7- Kya dusro ki jhuthi tareef ka zadu aap pr chalta h ? yadi chalta h to aap abhi aviksit he h. 
8- Dan, Pachtawa, Sanyam, Santosh, Deenta, Sacchai or Daya ye Bekunth k 7 darwaje h. 
9- Pipl k ptto jaisa mt bnna,
jo wqt aane pe sukh k gir jate H
Bnna H to mehndi k ptto jesa bano jo khud piskar b dusro ki zindgi m rang bar jate h. 
10- Abdul kalam-
"Don't dream about beauty, It spoils your duty!".
"Dream about your duty, It makes your life beauty". 
11- Jhuth bolna kayrta ka chinah h. 
12- D 'Result of anger' is more painful than d 'Reason of anger'
Never forget this to lead a peaceful life. 
13- "Limitation live only in our mind.
But if we use our imagination, 
our possibilities become Limitless" 
14- friends, kindly think on the posts posted on this group. By thinking on it, you'll came to know its power, use in your practical life.
15- World is a theatre,Our life is a movie,God is the director, Nature is d producer, U r d Actor. So perform well & enjoy d life. 
16- Nind apni bhulakar sulaya humko,
Aasu apne girakar hasaya humko,
Dard kabhi na dena khuda ki us tasvir ko,
Zamana kehta h MAA-BAAP jisko. 
17- When U hav money, only U forget who U R Bt when U do not have any money, d whole world forgets, who U R. Thats d truth of Life. 
18- 1 shayer ne bahut acchi bat kahi h ki-
Doshmano se pyar hota jayega...
dosto ko aajmate jaiye... 
19- Best msg of all time-
Honesty is d very expensive gift...
So don't expect it from everybody bcoz not all r rich by heart. 
20- poor child-
"I saw many shirts in opposite Home window, But I saw many windows in my shirts" Try 2 help poor childrens. 
21- Shishtachar sikhana nhi pdta, mn me vinay bhav hone pr wh apne aap aa jata h. 
22- -Jab Manushya ki gupt prerna jagrat ho jati h tb use apurw bl prapt hota h.
-Spasht bolo, jo kuch kahna ho nitant spasht kh do. 
23- Small thought about life:
"Life is beautiful only for those who know how to celebrate the PAIN''.:- 
24- When u have PAINS in life " .
Always remember the expansion of PAINS
P. Positive
A. Approach
I. In
N. Negative
S. Situation

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