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About me

Name: Rajendra Maheshwari

Father's Name: Sh Shanker Lal Maheshwari

Mother's Name: Smt.Saroj Devi

Date of Birth: 26 December 1968

Birth Place: Gulabpura (Bhilwara)

Marital Status: Married

Date of Marriage: 02 July 1995

Spouse Name: Smt. Mamta Maheshwari

No. of Children: Two

Educational Qualifications: B.com, B.Ed.

Profession: Teacher (Primary ka Master)

Positions Held: Mamber Gaytri Pariwar, President - Shri Gopal Goverdhan Goushala Branch-Aguncha, Planner Head BVP Aguncha, President Ram Charit Manas Mandal, Aguncha,

Freedom Fighter: No

Books Published: No

Hobbies: Internet. Reading and Writing, Yoga, Spirituality,

States Visited: M P, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Himachal, Hariyana, Delhi, Maharashtra, U P, J & K.

Countries Visited: No

State Name: Rajasthan

Address: Post-Aguncha, Distt. Bhilwara Rajasthan Pin- 311029

Phone No: 01483-225554, 09929827894

Email id: vedmatram@gmail.com

Personal Blog Address: http://yugnirman.blogspot.com/ 

Vision of LIFE: 
A simple man of god and spread the massage of 
and do the best to make the earth according them.


Prasannta sabhi sadguno ki maa h.

1- Ratan Tata says- "I never take right decisions; 
I take decisions & then make it right". 
That's called ATTITUDE.
2- Aaj Mitrta divas pr apni dosti ke nam lgaye 1 podha, 
Jo rhega PRTEEK aapki Dosti ka or 
sanklp lijiye ki 2no ki taumr raksha krenge.
3- "Lies have speed. But d TRUTH has Stamina. 
4- Jitni lakdi ki jarurat hamare dah sanskar me rahegi utne ped to lagawe. 
5- To be successful, U need friends. But To be very successful U need ENEMIES. 
6- Lucky is who get d opportunity. 
Brilliant is who creates d opportunity. 
Winner is who uses d opportunity. 
7- Jo Jimmedari lete h wahi SAFAL hote h. 
Only one who takes responsibility, can success. 
8- A Small sentence with lot of meaning- 
"Every human in d world is BLIND to his OWN Faults.
9- Unexpected care always keep us happy.
but expected care always make us unhappy.
So Live with happy & without expect. 
10- If u sleep on flowers, its first night.. 
If flowers sleep on u, its last night.. 
11- Hurting Someone is As Easy As Cutting The Tree. 
But Making Someone Happy Is Like Growing a Tree.
that Takes Lot Of Time.. 
12- Do ordinary 4 God, He'll do extraordinary 4U. 
Do natural 4 God, He'll do suprnatural 4 U. 
Do possible 4 God, He will do what is impossible 4u. 
13- Clock makes sound tick-tick,
Bt Listen carefully 
It is not tick-tick its real sound is quick-quick 
Bcoz time is PRECIOUS,So make BEST USE of it. 
14- All Winners Do Not Have To Be Hard Worker. 
But Every Hard Worker Surely One Day Becomes A Winner. 
15- A strange fact: 
Its very easy to hurt someone and then say "sorry" 
but its really very difficult to get hurt and say "i am fine"... 
16- A man said- 
"Erasers r made 4 those who make mistakes" 
A youth replied- 
"Erasers r made 4 those who r Willing 2 Correct their Mistakes" 
17- Kya aap Sare sadgun prapt karna chahte h- 
PRASANN (Happy) rahna seekh jao. 
qki "Prasannta sabhi sadguno ki maa h.
18- "RESPONSE" is one of d most powerful weapons to occupy a place in someone's 'HEART'. 
So, alwz give d best response to d persons who care for u. 
19- "ppl r made 2 b Loved & Things r made 2 b Used"
D confusion in d World is
"Ppl r being Used & Things r being Loved" 
20- Remember this all life- 
21- "Most used alphabet "A" dsnt appear in spell of 1 to 999, 
It appears 1st time in 1000 & continues 4ever. 
Longterm success require PATIENCE. 
22- "Life is like a Football game & v r d Football. 
Nvr mind d kicks of d people. 
Bcoz without Kicks, V may not reach the GOAL
24- Tan-Man-Dhan, Sabse uper wan.

donor of love.

1- Apne me dosh ho to Aalochko ko ninda se nahi roka ja sakta h. 
2- Ped lagana karya mahan 1 ped 10 putra saman. 
3- Tulsi birwa ropan ka abhiyan chalawe. 
4- Never change ur originality 4 d sake of others. 
"Bcoz no one can play ur role better then u.
"U r d best when "U r U" 
5- Good decision comes from experience But Experience comes from wrong decision. 
That's life so don't worry 4 mistake. 
Go ahead & learn from mistake. 
6- Once in a seminar-
A question was asked... 
What is true love? 
Appreciated answer was...
Only GOD & MOTHER knows d exact answer. 
7- Ishwer sabhi ko shresht jimmedari sopta h, 
per prasann unhi per hota h jo unhe nibhate h. 
8- Don't b disappointed from NO. 
Remember d words of Einstein- 
"I m thankful 2 all those who said NO. 
It's bcoz of them i did it myself. 
9- No difference between COMPLETE & FINISH.
Bt van u trust a right person U r COMPLETE. & van u trust a wrong person U r FINISHED. 
10- Tum kya ho ? 
Yadi is bat ko janna chahte ho to AATM CHINTAN karke dekho ki tum kaise vichar karte ho. 
11- Hm kya karte h, Iska mahtav km h, Kintu kis bhaw se karte h, Iska bahut mahtav h.
Always Remember it. 
12- Risk is my life. 
Possible is my love. 
Impossible is my aim. 
Dangerous is my game. 
Don't play with me. 
Bcoz "SUCCESS" is my name. 
13- Give thousand chance to ur enemy to become friend but don't give a single chance to ur friend to become enemy. 
14- Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. 
Bcoz Impossible self says that I M POSSIBLE. 
B4 u pray-Believe 
B4 u criticize-Wait 
B4 u speak-Listen 
B4 u spend-Earn 
B4 u write-Think 
B4 u quit-Try 
B4 u die-Live. 
that's Life. 
16- "Tomorrow" will come daily. But "Today will come today only. So finish ur today's work today & be free for tomorrow. 
17- Sahi waqt aa gaya h. 
Kahte h sab ved puran 
Ped lagana karya MAHAN. 
18- Such (Truth) or Jhunth (Lie) punah dhyan de Such or Jhunth dono kitna bhi chipao chip nahi sakte. 
19- Life ki har situation me 2 raste hote h- 
1) Bhag Lo (Run Away) 
2)Bhag Lo (Participate) 
Life is ur. & u r d selector. 
20- Crow sitting on a tree doing nothing. Deer thot 2do d same & sat on ground. A lion came & ate it. 
Moral-2sit & do nothing u need 2b on top.
21- Very Deep Thought- 
Do u want to happiness in life ? 
Then never be a beggar of love. 
Always be a donor of love. 
22- Hasi ke nagme gate raho,
Waqt nikal kar muskarate raho,
Jindgi kab deti h moka bar-bar,
Isliye Moka dhundho or,
Khil-khilate raho. 
23- Nothing is interesting if u r not interested. 
24- "SMILE" is nat a single word ! 
It is a beautiful sentence !
So always keep Smiling.

think big

1- Kahte h ki aadmi puri jindgi dod (run) nahi sakta ! 
Lekin chal (walk) sakta h. 
2- Why is car's front glass so large & d rear view mirror small ? Bcoz Future is more important than past. Look ahead with bigger view. 
3- "SUCCESS" has only 1 Calculation-
Stop "Thinking in terms of Limitations" & Start "Thinking" in terms of Possibilities" 
"World is round" 
"Round is Zero" 
"Zero is nothing 
"Nothing is life" 
So be HAPPY & 
try to make others to Happy.That is Real Life. 
5- Future is not what v planned 4 tomorrow. 
It is d result of what v do today. 
Do d best in present & enjoy d future. 
6- After hard work from mrng 2 evng, Father ask-"Kitna Kamaya", wife-"Kya Bachaya"Children"Kya laye"
par maa puchti hai
"KUCH KHAYA"? nvr hrt mother. 
7- f people r trying 2 pull u down, b proud about it definitely conform that u r ABOVE them. 
think big 
8- Nvr trust d DOUBTED & Nvr doubt d TRUSTED ones. 
God has given us "REAL-EYES. to 
Think Twice & Act Wise. 
9- 4 all busy ppl-
Find some time 4 d dear once in ur life. Else 1 day u'll find time but not d dear ones to share it. 
10- Life runs on 2 golden rules. 
1-"Accept" d things which u cannot "Change". 
2-"Change" d things which u can not "Accept." 
11- However high d sky may be, 
However deep d ocean may be, 
However far d stars may be, 
Always remember 1 thing 
that it's not ur business. 
12- If v lose a pen v can buy new one But if v loss a pen cap, 
V can't buy new one.
So care 4 small things more in our life. 
13- Nothing can b changed by changing d face 
every thing can b changed by facing d change. 
Go ahead with confidence. Life us urs. 
14- A man asked god-
What is d meaning of Life ?
God- Life it self has no meaning in it.
Life is an opportunity to create a meaning. 
15- It's so common hearing 
How r u ? 
What r u doing ? 
Did v SMILE today ? 
If not, 
Do it now. 
16- Happiness is like Radio Station. 
Broadcasting all d time. 
U just have to learn how to tune it Properly. 
Stay Tuned. 
17- 1 din sagar ne nadi se pucha-
Kab tak milti rahogi mere khare pani me, 
Nadi ne haskar kaha- 
Jab tak tujh me mithas na aa jay tab tak. 
18- Do u want to see dis world After ur Death. 
"Donate ur Eyes" 
19- Inse b sikhe- 
Fan-B Cool 
Mirror-Reflection ur act 
Clock-Value every minit 
Calendr-B update ur self 
20- 3 stage of lyf- 
Teen age-Hav time & energy bt no money. 
Working age-Hav money & energy bt no time. 
Old age-Hav time & money bt no energy. 
21- U can not change ur future but u can change ur habits. & Surely ur habits will change ur Future. 
22- Evn iron become weak van it's hot & ppl use it as they wish. Always try to stay cool if u wish to be strong. 
23- Easily achieved things does not stay longer....... 
And Things which stay 4 a long time r not easily achieved ..... 
24- Speak less to d ppl u love d most....
Bcoz if they can't understand ur silence, 
They can nvr understand ur words.

"Do b4 u Die"

1- When one wins without any trouble. He creates "VICTORY". But When one wins with a lot of troubles he creates a "HISTORY". 
2- If every one is happy with u then surely u have made a lot of 'COMPROMISES' in ur LIFE. 
3- A nice quote written on a bus stop-
"Only buses will stop here. Not ur time
So keep walking towards ur GOAL." 
4- "RESPONSE' is 1of d most powerful weapon 2 occupy a place in someone's 'HEART'.
So, always giv d best response 2 d person who care 4 u. 
5- Zindgi ki khubsurti ye nahi ki aap kitne khush h, 
Zindgi ki asli khubsurti ye h ki dusre aap se kitne khush h. 
6- Chidiya ka baccha- Maa aasman kitna bada h ? 
Chidiya bacche ko apne pankho me samahit kar boli, 
"Isse chota h."...
Nothing is bigger dan MOTHER. 
7- Best reason 4 our failure- 
V r expecting Orange by standing under Mango tree. 
So v should change either our EXPECTATION or TREE. 
8- Agar jivan me khushi chahte ho to....
apne dukhi rahne ki aadat ko tyaag do.
Mushkil h per mumkin h. 
9- charlie chaplin says- 
Don't LOVE d cheatable heart & Don't CHEAT d lovable heart. 
10- Difference of God & Humans love- 
A bird in d 'sky' is God's love. 
A bird in d 'cage' is Human's love. 
11- Jise PARHIT sadhne se he fursat nahi milti, 
uske HITO ki raksha karne ke liye swyam BHAGWAN ko aana padta hai. 
12- Develop from TODAY-
d habit of saving Water, Electricity, Fuel and plan Trees. 
Bcoz man makes d habit & then habits make d man. 
13- There is no definition of a good day or a bad day. It all depends on u & ur thoughts. Either u run d day or d day runs u. 
14- Easy to cry in pain, 
Easy to laugh in joy. 
crying in joy & laughing in pain shows d real deepness of situation & ability of a person. 
15- Archivers never expose themselves but their achievements expose them. "Do or Die" is old saying but "Do b4 u Die" is d new one. 
16- If u wait to be happy u will wait forever, 
But if u start to be happy u will HAPPY forever....
So don't wait. Start be happy. 
17- Duniya ki sabse khubsurat jodi h ? Muskrahat or Aansu.
Dono ka ek sath milna mushkil h lekin jab mil jate h to wo pal sabse ANMOL hote h. 
18- A ship is always safe at d shore. But it is not built 4 that. So take risk & archive more in ur life. 
19- D plus symbol is made with a pair of minus symbol.
All negative things can be shaped as positive always & walk ahead in LIFE. 
20- Be blind 2 d faults of others, It bring PEACE in ur life. Bcoz people won't change, u got to change ur way of accepting things. 
21- Fact of life- Whom i dont need 2day, U'll need tomorrow. Whom u reject 2day. They will never again accept u tomorrow. 
22- Nvr think hard about PAST It brings Tears. 
Dont think more about FUTURE It brings Fear. 
Live with dis MOMENT with smile It brings Cheers. 
23- The Best way to destroy an enemy is to .Make Him a Friend. 
24- Mission 4 success, V have to cross 3 stages Insult Opposition & Acceptance. 
Fools stop d 1st, 
Loosers stop d 2nd & 
Winner cross d 3rd.

the highway to success.

1- Remember this-
Don;t take rest after a success. Bcoz if u fail next time so many lips r waiting to say that ur previous victory was luck. 
2- Gr8 line by Bhagat Singh-
" Zindgi to apne dum par he jee jati h, Dusro ke kandho par to sirf janazae utha karte h." Belive in urself 
3- Relationship r like a book. It takes a few seconds to burn but It takes years to write. So write it carefully & nvr let it burn. 
4- Nvr blame any1 in ur lyf. Bcoz best ppl give u a MEMORIE. Good ppl give HAPPINESS. Bad ppl give EXPERIENCE. Worst ppl give u a LESSION. 
5- One man cried when he had no shoes. But He stopped crying when he saw a man Without legs. 
6- U r Not responsible 4 what people think about u but u r responsible 4 what u give them to think about u. 
7- Luck is not in ur hands but work is in ur hands. Ur work can make luck but luck can't make ur work. So always TRUST UR SELF. 
8- Kisi b insan ki khushi ki "Wajah" bano, Khushi ka "Hissa" nhi.
Or kisi b insan ke dukh "Hissa" bano, Dukh ki "Wajah nhi. 
9- Most used alphabet "A" dsnt appear in spell of 1 to 999, It appears 1st time in 1000 & continues 4ever.
MORAL-Longterm success require PATIENCE. 
10- Hazar galtiyo ke bawjud bhi aap apne se pyar karte ho.To fir kyo aap kisi ki ek galti pe usse itni nafrat karte ho. 
11- Don't be discouraged by a failure. It can be a positive experience. Failure is in the sense, the highway to success. 
12- Life me kisi ko apne se chota mat samjho.
Example- Ek choti c chinti aapke pero ko kat sakti h pr aap uske pero ko nahi kat sakte. 
13- Lyf is like a cotton Don't make it heavier by sinking it in d water of sorrow bt make it lighter by letting it blow in d winds of JOY. 
14- 5 Birds sitting on a tree 2 Decide 2 fly away. How many remain on tree ? 3 
no ! 
Ans is 5. 
A lot of difference between "Deciding" & "Doing" 
15- Happiness of lyf depends on d quality of our thoughts but d quality of our thoughts depends on d people v meet in our lyf. 
16- Gr8 words- Learning history is so easy, but making history is so difficult. Make a history of urself & make others to learn it. 
17- Ek Haqiqat- Agr kisi insan me 99 buraiya ho or 1 acchai ho to uski buraio ko nahi balki acchai ko bayan karo
18- When time is running good, Our mistakes r taken as joke. But When our time is running bad all our jokes r noticed mistakenly. 
19- Insan jindgi bhar wo do chehre nhi bhul pata- 
1st-Wo jo mushkil halat me sath de. 
2nd-Wo jo aise halat me sath chod de. 
20- " Well Done is better than well said" 
21- Wo hath sir pe rakhe to Ashirwad ban jata h.
Usko rulane wala Jallad ban jata h.
MAA-BAP ka dil na dukhana dost,
unka to jhuta b prasad ban jata h
22- Jindgi ko jarurat me rakho. 
Khwahisho ki taraf mat le jao. 
Qki Jarurat to FAKIRO ki b puri hoti h. 
Or Khwahishe Badshaho ki b adhuri rah jati h. 
23- Not all fingers r same in length, but when they r bend all stand equal. Life becomes easy when v bend & adjust 2 all situations. 
24- So simple is to live. 
So simple is to love. 
So simple is to smile. 
So simple is to win. 
But So difficult it's to be SIMPLE.

Happy in Life

1- Dreem is not that what u see in sleep...
Dream is d thing does not allow u to SLEEP. 
2- God says-
Tu karta wo h jo tu chahta h, 
per hota wo h jo me chahta hu.
Isliye tu wo kar jo me chahta hu, 
Fir hoga wo jo tu chahta h. 
3- Gr8 Motivational phrase- "I know i am something. Because god doesn't crate garbage." 
4- Har sal garmi me hazaro panchi Pyas k karan mar jate hai.
Apne ghar ki chat ya deewar per ek bartan pani ka rakhiye or unhe bachaye. 
5- Hard word can't touch a soft heart but soft words can touch a hard heart. So speak in a soft way and the world will be yours. 
6- A Gr8 line written on N.H.-
If u want to donate blood, Don't do it on d road. 
"Plz donate in d blood bank," "DRIVE SLOW" 
7- Us lamhe ko bura mat kaho jo aapko DUKH pahunchata hai, Balki us lamhe ki kadra karo kyonki wo aapko jeene ka andaz sikhata hai. 
8- 2 ways to be happy in life-
Nvr take help of ur TEARS to show ur emotions & Nvr take help of words to show ur ANGER. 
9- During argument intelligent use SILENCE & stupids use TONGUE.
During discussion intelligent use TONGUE & stupid use SILENCE. 
10- No 1 can go back & change a bad begning but Any 1 can start anything anytime & creat a successful ending. 
11- Heart Surgery free of cost for children age (0-10) Sri Satya Sai Institute, Banglore.
Ph-08028411500 Plz Keep Forwarding. It might save sm1's Lif 
12- D best thing in world is to see ur "Parents" smiling.
And d next best thing is to know that "U r d reason behind their SMILE. 
13- New Friends may be a poem but old friends r d alphabets. Don't 4get alphabets, bcoz without alphabets its hard to read d poem. 
14- Bill Gates never did Laxmi puja but he is Richest man.
Einsteen never did Sarswati puja but was most Intelligent. Believe in work, Not in luck 
15- D Audience see a Joker as JOKER. But d Joker sees himself as a PERFORMER. No matter what others think. It's ur LIFE. Go on with CONFIDENCE. 
16- Life me kabhi compromise karna pade to don't hesitate kyonki
"Jhukta wahi h jisme jan hoti h, Akdana to Murdo ki pahchan hoti h. 
17- Wen v r angry v can change decision bt not feelings. D changed decision may give satisfaction 8 that time bt later it hurts our feelings a lot. 
18- If u salute ur DUTY, U need not salute anybody. But if u pollute (spoil) ur duty, U have to salute everybody. Dr. A.Kalam sa. 
19- This is d most meaningful msg-
Man asked god."Give me every thing to enjoy life."
God replied-
"I have given u LIFE to enjoy every thing" 
20- Death is not d greatest loss in life. D Gratest loss is what dies inside us while we live. 
21- Sabse pyara rishta hota h. 2 Aankho ka. Dono ek sath jhapakti h, Dekhti h, Roti h. Lekin fir bhi wo dono kabhi ek dusre ko dekh nahi sakti. 
22- If u can't find PEACE within urself, u will never find it anywhere. 
23- Yes & No r 2 short words which need a long thought.
Most of d thing v miss in lyf r due 2 saying No too soon or Yes too late. 
24- Is garmi se hm tum sabhi vyakul h. Iska ilaz ek he h. Abhi se yah manas banale or tyari kar le ki barish hote he 1 podha lagana h. 

Understand life

1- Sangeet sun ker Aanand nahi milta. Mandir jakar Bhagwan nahi milta. Patthar to log is liye pujte hai, Qki VISHWAS ke layak INSAN nahi milta. 
2- Dan se daridrta ka, Sushilta se kashto ka, Buddhi se aghyan ka or Ishwer bhakti se bhay ka nash hota hai. 
3- Tiger takes a step back before it jumps forwards so. Whenever life pulls u back don't worry, Its going to lead u forward to a gr8 VICTORY. 
4- Meri Tamanna hai ki fir se me FARISHTA ho jau, MAA se is tarah lipat jau ki Baccha ho jau. Meri Pyari MAA Teri Jai Ho. 
5- Usko nahi dekha hamne kabhi, per iski jarurat kya hogi. A MAA teri surat se alag BHAGWAN ki surat kya hogi. Meri Pyari Maa. 
6- Whevever u r Depressed, Confused or Hurt, Don't worry. Stand in front of mirror & u'll find d best person who can solve ur PROBLEMS. 
7- Some Flower grow best in d SUN, Others do well in SHADOW. God knows what is the best 4 us & puts us where v GROW best. 
8- A fantastic sign board on road 2 encouraging slow driving-
"Mr.LATE" is always better than "LATE Mr..." 
9- Bhagwan jinse pyar karte h unhe apne pas bula lete h, hum Dharti per abhi tak is liye h kyonki koi hame BHAGWAN se bhi jyada pyar karta h. 
10- Understand life with this-
Ek Kabristan ke bahar likha tha '' Manzil to meri yahi thi, Bus jindgi gujar gayi meri yaha tak aate-aate. 
11- Globel warming se aane wale dino me Dharti maa ka tapman 4 degree badhne wala hai.
-Planet more trees. -Don't use or burn plastic. 
12- Don't be a parrot in life, be an eagle. A parrot speaks but can't fly high. But An Eagle is silent & has willpower to touch the sky. 
13- Fwd to Urs-
Suvichar daily Mb. per NISHULK prapt karne ke liye apne mb. se msg kare-
or ise 09870807070 per bhej de. 
14- Only 2 persons r happy in world. 1 is MAD & 2nd is CHILD.
Be MAD to achieve ur TARGET & be a CHILD to Enjoy. 
15- Be slow in chossing a person & much slower while loosing them bcoz relationship is not an opportunity. It is a RESPONSIBILITY. 
16- Worker play FOOTBALL. Manager TENIS Boss SNOOKER Ceo GOLF Moral of d msg-
Higher u go Balls become Smaller & U need a Better VISION. 
17- Tell these 5 lines to urself every morn. & feel magic-
1-I m d best.
2-I can do it.
3-God is always with me.
4-I M winner.
5- 2day is my day. 
18- A mountain is not higher than our confidence, It will be under our feet. If we reach yhe TOP. 
19- Life n Time r d world's best 2 Teachers. Life teaches us d use of Time N Time teaches us d value of Life. 
20- hook me fasi fish ki photo k niche likha tha - Kash agar mujhe sahi waqt per muh band rakhne ki samajh hoti to aaj ye nobat nahi aati. 
21- Uper jiska ant nahi use Aasma kahte hai, Or Jahaan me jiska ant nahi use "Maa" kahte hai. Meri Pyar Maa 
22- If u can not love a person whom u see, Than how can u love GOD whom u have never seen. -Mother Teresa 
23- Argument may win d situation but loss d Person. Patience may loss d situation but win d Person. 
24- Bhagwan ne sansar me kisi ko bhi dukh, Daridrta pradan nahi ki h. Dukh dene wali to kewal 1 he satta h "Manushya ka Dushkarma." 


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