रविवार, 28 नवंबर 2010

success (SAFALTA)

1- Remember this-
Don;t take rest after a success. Bcoz if u fail next time so many lips r waiting to say that ur previous victory was luck.
Be Successful.
2- Most used alphabet "A" dsnt appear in spell of 1 to 999, 
It appears 1st time in 1000 & continues 4ever.
MORAL-Longterm success require PATIENCE.
Be Successful.
3- Don't be discouraged by a failure. It can be a positive experience. Failure is in the sense, the highway to success.
Be Successful.
4- Mission 4 success-
V have to cross 3 stages-
Fools stop d 1st, 
Loosers stop d 2nd & 
Winner cross d 3rd.
Be Successful.
5-  "SUCCESS" has only 1 Calculation-
Stop "Thinking in terms of Limitations" & 
Start "Thinking" in terms of Possibilities."
Be Successful.
Risk is my life. 
Possible is my love. 
Impossible is my aim. 
Dangerous is my game. 
Don't play with me. 
Bcoz "SUCCESS" is my name.
Be Successful.
7- To be successful, U need friends. But To be very successful U need ENEMIES.
Be Successful.
8- A Mistake Increase UR Experience & Experience Decrease ur Mitakes. U learn Frm Ur Mistakes & other Will Learn Frm ur sucess. B Successful Always.
Be Successful.
9- The Biggest Enemy of Success is Fear of Failure. 
So when Fear Knocks on the Door Send Courage to Open the Door. Success will walk in.
Be Successful.
10- "See the clock only when you have no work. 
Don't see the clock when you r working.
Clock is a lock for success."
Be Successful.
11- "Fight with your strength and not with other's weaknesses ; because true success lies in your effort not in other's defeat !"
Be Successful.
12-  "Don't be discouraged by a failure. 
It can be a positive experience. Failure is in a sense, the highway to success."
Be Successful.
13- In Life Failure is not The Real End, But It Can B the Real Beginning of Success"
Be Successful.
14-  A successful relationship does not depends on how good understanding v have. But it depends on how better v avoid misunderstandings.
Be Successful.
15- Evry tear is sign f commitment 
Evry silence is sign f compromise 
Evry smile is sign f attachment & 
Evry +ve thinking is sign f success.
Be Successful.
16- "If You Fall, Dont See d Place Wer u Fell.But See d Place Wer u Slipped...
"Thats The Way To Be Successful.
Be Successful.

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