शनिवार, 1 सितंबर 2012

1 chup 100 sukh.

1- "Just a movement is not a Life
But every movement is a turning point of ur Life..."
Think sLowLy, U wiLL get actuaL meaning of Life

2- "Ek Behtreen Insaan Apni Jubaan Se Hi Pahchana Jata Hai...
Warna Achhi Baatein To Deewaro Par Bhi Likhi Hoti H.

3- All d Right Things r Not Possible Always,
All d Possible Things r Not Right Always..
so just be True to ur Heart, u'll NEVER Go Wrong.

4- The Most
when the
Other Person
has Lost it''....

5- Zindgi se ap jo bhi behtar-se-behtar le sakte ho, le lo !
Zindgi jab lena shuru karti h to "SAANSE" bhi nhi chhodti.

6- "Imagination is d ability of using mental energy 4 superficial accomplishment. Have a clear mental picture of who u r, who u will be…
7- "No one in this world is pure and perfect.If u avoid people 4 their mistakes,u will always be alone in this world.So judge less n love more.''
8- "Jeet aur Haar"
Mission ke pehle Apni Soch par depend karti hai.
'MAAN LO' to HAAR hogi.
'THAAN LO' to JEET hogi.

9- Plan to develop your strengths,reduce your weaknesses and move forward...success will surely be yours..."

10- "The most valuable 'currency' of any organization is the initiative and creativity of its members." 
11- A tongue has no bones,but it can break a Heart...& also that a tongue has no glue but it can heal a broken Heart
12- 1 chup 100 sukh.
13- "Forgiveness is the Economy of the Heart."
It Saves the Expense of Anger,
the Cost of Hatred and the Wastage of Peaceful Moments. 

14- Aanandit Man, Madhur Vani aur Vivek se yukt Vyavhar  "jivan ko safal banate hai.."
15- Radhe krishan
Rah De krishan

Radhika Krishan
Rah Dikha Krishan

Meera Krishan
Mera Krishan

Hare Keishan
Hr Ek Ka Krishan

16- "Solve simple mistakes early before it leads to big problem.
Because we always slip from small stones, not from a mountain.."

17- Rs.10 Ka NOTE Bahot ZYADA Lagta Hai Jab GARIB Ko Dena Ho, Magar HOTEL Mein TIP Dena Ho To Bahot KAM Lagta Hai.
18- "Anything that happens is for a good reason and Anything that doesnt happen is only for very good reason" Trust these words & u'll love ur life.
19-"Waqt" Aur "Haalat" Dono insaan Ki zindgi Me Kbhi 1 jaise Nhi Hote,

Waqt insan Ki Zindgi Bdal Deta h, Aur Haalat Badalne Me Waqt Nhi Lagta..
20- "Jo vyast h whi Hamare liye SAMAYDAAN kr skte h,
niththallo ka samay to niththallepan aur bekar ki bato me hi chala jata h"
-Parm pujya gurudev

21- "Do Not Store Dreams In ur Eyes"
dey May Roll Down With Tears.
Store dem In ur Heart,
Each Heart Beat Will Inspire u To Fulfill dem.


22- "Every thing u want in ur life is waiting for u.
An inch Outside ur comfort zone n n inch inside ur effort zone."

23- "Kavita Ho Ya Kalakriti
Pustak Ho Ya Natak
Hr Kalakar Apna Hi Nam Dete H
MAA Jaisa Koi Nhi h jo
Santan Ko khud JaNam Dekar Nam Pita Ka Deti h

24- God's Grace is like a Torch Light in a Dark cave.
It doesn't show us everything at once,
but gives us Enough Light 4 d Next Step to b Safe.


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