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Mahatma Anand Swami and the Rich Man

Once, a wealthy man came to Mahatma Anand swami. He was the owner of several factories. All his sons were pursuing the business well. His wife had passed away previously. In spite of prosperity all around, his heart was not at peace. His hunger and sleep had gone. He humbly intimated his distress and ailment to the great saint.

Mahatma Anand swami said, “In your life, you did give importance to action and labor but not to the emotions. Good company and hearing religious discourses only nourish the thoughts.

Now start giving away love, money and labor in order to remove the inner dryness. Give affection to all, go among the orphans and the poor, help them to be self-reliant. Put your physical efforts also in these noble works, as much as you can. Then see that your hunger will be returned to you and you will have a sound sleep.”

The rich man did accordingly and consequently the miraculous transformation, that he experienced, gave him a great peace and happiness which he had never experienced before.

Pragya Puran, Part-I, Page 143. 

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