गुरुवार, 17 नवंबर 2011

d most common lie is 'I am fine..'

1- "The very worst disadvantage of being too strong Is that...
Nobody cares even when u r Badly Hurt... N need sum1... 
2- Bhajan karne se Man sawar jata h,
Sewa karne se Tan sawar jata h,
or Kitna DiLkash h ye "Satsang"
Amal karo to Jivan sawar jata h. 
3- "Thode Se Pyar Me Wah Jadu hai Ki Wah Bahut Bade Krodh Ko Chhu Mantar kar Deta H" -Gurudev 
4- "Work keeps us away from three evils:- 
Boredom, vice and need"
-Dr Saheb 
5- By-chandr prabh sager ji-
Sochiye wahi jise bola ja sake
or boliye wahi jise per..
hastaksher,, kiye ja sake.. 
6- God to man-
1 day if U need me & there r 100 step between us U take the first step 2 get near me n i'll take all d 99 steps 2 b there 4 U. 
7- 5 Birds sitting on Tree. 2 Decided to fly Away. How Many Remain on Tree?
It's 5
der is lot of Difference Between "Deciding"&"Doing. 
8- 'Give so much time to Improve URSELF that u have no time to CRITICISE OTHERS. 
9- A lovely logic 4beautiful life-
Not only try to maintain relations in ur life bt also try to maintain life in ur relations.. 
10- A Man to A Farmer-
Why Do U Make Ur Son Work So Hard Everyday On d Field, Crop will Grow Anyway. he Replied, I'm Cultivating My Child,Not My Crop. 
11- No sound in this world can be louder than silence. If someone can understand ur silence, he can never misunderstand ur words. 
12- Chhote the tb Hm Pencil ka istemal krte the, pr ab Hm Pen ka istemal Krte H. Apko Pta h Kyu ?
Bachpan ki Galtiya Mit Sakti thi. par ab nhi. 
13- A research says:
Evry prsn tells minimum 4 lies per day.
approx 1460 a year.
n d most common lie is 'I am fine..'
Strange bt tru. 
14- Kabeer says, you remember God in meditation only when the need arises.You should remember Him all the time.You shall dwell in the city of immortal. 
15- If a Hundred Moons were to rise and a thousand of suns apppered, Even with such light, there would be still pure darkness without the Guru. 
16- Amazing thought:
Do u want to know about urself ? Then always remember this golden sentence 'You are what you HIDE about yourself ' 
17- Always be the silent benefactor..
Don't tom-tom about how you helped someone..
18- Agar Koi Aap Ko Achha Lagta Hai To Achha Woh Nahi Balki ...Acche Aap Ho .... Kyuki Us Me Achchhai Dekhne Wali Najar Aap Ke Pass Hai. 
19- AashaVaadi log har Aapda me ek Avasar dekhte hai,
or NirashaVaadi log har Avasar me ek Aapda dekhte hai. 
20- Bees Have Honey In Their Mouth n Have Stings In Tail. So Be Careful From People Pretend To Be Sweet BCoz Sweetness Is In Honey not in bee. 
21- "Aap jitna km bolenge, Aapki utni he jyada suni jayegi." 
22- A true saying-
"ur best relation is with d 1 who is d first to come in ur mind when u want to share something with any1. 
23- Watch it-
Hm unse prem krte h jo Hmari prshansa krte h, unse nhi jinki hm prshansa krte h. 
24- If u cant find d right words for certain situations, just give a smile.... 
Words may confuse, but a smile always convinces...


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