मंगलवार, 18 अक्तूबर 2011

Maha purusho me he.......

Pr "WAQT" zrur bdalta h.....

1- "Never think & speak about the third person, and Never think what the third person thinks & speaks about you. 
2- Ma-Bap ri galiya, Gee ri naliya.
jis trh sone ko aag me tpaker shuddh kiya jata h usi prkar mata-pita ki Dant-fatkar baccho ko kundan bana deti h 
3- SACH Wo Daulat H Jise Phle Khrch Kro or Zindgi Bhr Anand Pao or Jhooth Wo Karz H Jo Kuch Din Masti to Karlo Pr Zindagi Bhr Chukate Raho. 
4- No Sound In This World Can Be More Louder Than Silence, If Any One Can Understand Ur Silence, They Can Never Misunderstand Ur Words. 
5- To handle yourself, use your head, to handle others, use your heart. 
6- "Hazar Galtiyo K Bawzud B Aap Apne Ap Se Pyar Krte Ho"
To Fir Kyu Ap Kisi Ki 1 Galti Pe Usse Itni Nafrat Krte Ho. 
7- "Getting AnGrY is Punishing urself 4 d Mistakes of OtherS." 
8- Listen to ur enemy's speech.. bcoz ur mistakes r known by ur enemies very well.. 
9- Rat nhi khwab bdalta h,
Manzil nhi rasta bdalta h,
Jazba rakho hr dm Jeetne ka
kyunki kismat chahe bdle na bdle,
Pr "WAQT" zrur bdalta h. 
10- 3 nice thoughts- 
"Kill the tension before tension kills u" 
"Reach your goal before goal kicks u" 
"Live LIFE before LIFE leaves u". 
11- 4 things u can never recover in life-
TRUST after its betrayed,
The WORD after its said,
The OCCASION after its Missed,
& d TIME aftr its Gone! 
12- Small But Meaningful True Lines:- 
"99% of our Problems r Created By 1% Of Our Careless Decisions".
13- Sant Wo Nhi Jo Pile Kapade Pahne Ho, Sant WO H Jinki Samst Ichchhao Ka Ant Ho Gaya Ho Aur Unka Sampurn Jivan Samaj K Liye Ho. 
14- Whenever an unexpected joy passes through ur Heart & suddenly u Smile 4 no reason, Remember Someone Somewhere is wishing u to be happy always. 
15- Look carefully, there's so many happiness around you. All you have to do is clear the "fog" in your eye. 
16- Mor Nachte Hue B Rota H,
Or Hans Marte Hue B Gaata H,
yhi to jindgi ka funda h,
Dukho wali Rat nind Kise Aati H?
Or Khushi Wali Rat kon sota h. 
17- More Will Be Given To u Only If u Utilise Properly What u Already Have. This Is A Law Of Nature.. 
18- Nvr EXPECT evrythng d best to happen but Always ACCEPT wtever happens is 4 d best. Tats d real positive thinking. Be Positive. 
19- D key to happiness is not that u never get angry, upset, frustrated, irritated or depressed, but its how fast u decide to get out of it. 
20- Why people r not happy??
Bcoz they r busy searching why others r happy. 
21- Jo manushya apna swami h. Indriyo ko iccha anusar chalata h. Vasna, Trishna, Lokeshna aadi k aage harta nahi h, Wah hamesha SUKHI rahta h.
22- -Gr8 Thinking-
Meri Aukaat Se Badh Kar Mujhe Kuch N Dena Mere MaLik....
Zarurat Se jyada Roshni Bhi InSan Ko Andha Bana Deti HE..... 
23- Too good quote:
Relationship is possible, only when 2 egos r dropped.
Otherwise 4 person r involved, 2 real & 2 imaginary.
24- Success is Not the key to Happiness. 
Happiness is the key to Success.
If U Love What U r doing, U will b Successful.

"God Chooses those who choose him"

1- GOD Upsets Our Plans Only To Set Up His Plan 4 Us. While v c Our Present & Plan Our Future, He Sees Our Future & Gives Us Our Present. 
2- Thought for the day-
"Trust is like an Eraser, it gets Smaller after each Mistake." 
"Richness is not earning more, 
spending more, 
or saving more.
but richness is when need 'NO' more.
4- Very short but giving lot information.
"Take risks in Ur life, if U win, U can lead..!"
"If U loose you can guide." 
5- Tipke-Tipke Tal Bharije
Kan-Kan krta koti
Paise-Paise Punji bdhe
Bat samjlo moti.
Dhanwan hone ka 4mula
Mitwayi bane 
6- "Fail is like steps,  
Pass is like a lift.
Lift may Fail some tyms But steps will Always get u 2 d top." 
7- "Good Decisons come from Exprience but Exprience comes from Bad Decisons" 
So, Don'tget upset in LIFE if U Fail by any stupid Decison! 
8- Life is not about waiting for d storms to pass.
It's about learning how to dance in d rain. 
9- If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. 
Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.
{Albert Einstein} 
10- 2 Gr8 Rules 2 B Followed In Life-
"Never Tell Everything u Know."
"Never Tell, u Know Everything." 
11- Man me har pal asankhay vichar utpan hote h, jinme se kuch upyogi kuch anupyogi jyadatar vichar nirthak hote h. vichar chayan me sachet rahe. 
12- Thought of d day :
"Speak Sweetly, so that, If u have to eat ur words, they don't taste bad. 
13- True Relations r lik our upper & lower eye lids. They often meet bcoz they miss each other n wen they meet they dont see the world. 
14- Short but meaningfull sentence:
No poision can kill positive thinker.
No medicin can cure negative thinker. 
15- Truth of Today's Human Life:
"The Human Lose Their Health to Make Money" "Then Lose Their Money to Restore Health!" 
16- Badhao ko dekh kr vichlit na ho, Vishwas rakhe, Jeewan me 99 dwar band ho jate h, tb b koi na koi ek dwar Zarur khula rahta h. 
17- Those People Who Stops Talking With U... 
will Starts Talking Abt U..... 
18- Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. 
19- Success in Life wil create crowd 4 U
Loneliness in life wil create space 4 U
But tough times in life wil create D true person in U. 
20- Opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long, you miss them and they come brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. 
21- Ultimate Quote:
"Speak sweetly... So that, if ever u have to EAT ur words back, they don't TASTE bad." 
Think upon it.. 
22- We get COMFORT with only those who agree with us. 
But v forget that V can achieve GROWTH with those who dont agree but still care 4 us. 
23- "God Chooses those who choose him" 
24- What's d fastest thing on earth ?
Light ?
Sound ?
No d perfect answer is..
bcoz it reaches to God even before u say it.


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