सोमवार, 18 अप्रैल 2011

The World Will Follow you.

1- Jb Apne MAA-BAAP Ko Koi CHIZ Do To Is Trh Do Jaise Koi GULAAM Apne AAQA K Samne Paish Krta H.
2- If U Want To Gain Knowledge,
Add Something Everyday 2 Ur Mind.
But If U Want To Gain Wisdom, Remove ill thing Everyday
From Ur Mind. 
3- If u Focus on Changing The World U Will B Just A Follower But If U Focus On Changing Yourself,The World Will Follow you. 
4- If Everyone is Happy with u Den Surely u have Made many Compromise in ur Life.
If u r Happy wid Everyone den
Surly u have ignored many Faults of others. 
5- Do all d best u can, By all d ways u can, In all d manners u can, In all d occasions u can, At all d opportunity u can. 
6- "Working Towards Success Wil make you a Master Of It,
But Working Towards Satisfaction Makes u a Legend Of It"
7- You will find the key to success under d alarm clock. 
8- When U Want More Time To Take a Correct Decision..
Just Remember.,
''Even a Correct Decision Becomes Wrong When It Is Taken To Late.'' 
9- Most of d People Refuse to Understand d Secret Code of Success, which is very Simple-
"Just TRY 1 More Time in a DIFFERENT Way." 
10- MAA ka AanchaL
Dhup me BaDaL 

Maa Ki BaaHe
Neend Ki RaHe 

MAA Ka DamaN
Hansta SawaN 

MAA Ka GussA
Pyar Ka HissA 

MAa Ki DuA
JaNNat Ki Hawa. 
11- 'A person who can explain d meaning of Colour to a BLIND That Person can explain anything in LIFE.' 
12- Lots of things go unquestioned, lots of questions go unanswered. Few words go unsaid few go unheard,sum dreams r buried alive,we call it "LIFe" 
13- Logo k liye aap tab tk achche ho Jb tk aap unki UMEDO ko Pura Karo.
Sabhi Log jb tk achchhe h,  Jb tk aap unse koi UMEED Na Rakho. 
14- Like all
Trust few
Follow none bt learn 4rm every1
Practice like a Devil & play like an angel
True saying always. 
15- People may doubt what u say, but they will always belive what u do. 
16- Parents don't expect much from us!
They expect dat d Loan of love which we borrowed from them in our childhood 2 be returned in their old hood! 
17- 23 march 1931 Martyrs day Indian Freedom Fighters
-Bhagat Singh
-Raj Guru
Hanged to Death about 7 pm in Lahore.
Koti Koti Naman....... 
18- Best Ever Quote At A Petrol Pump-
"Krpya yaha dhumrapan na kare.
Aapki zindagi ki koi keemat ho na ho,
PETROL ki keemat bahut hai
No Smoking Plz 
19- Jivan ki Sachchi Haqikat-
"SHAK" karke Barbad Hone Se to "VISHWAS" karke Lut Jana Jyada Behtar Hai. 
20- Never Wait For Ur Second Opportunity Because, It May Be Harder Than The First One.
21- Jo aadmi aapke pas aakr dusro ki buri bat krta h.
ykin janiye dusro k pas baith kr aapki buri baat krta hoga. 
22- Man to God:-Can i smoke while i pray?
God got ANGRY
Another man:-Can i pray while i smoke?
Response depends on how u propose. 
23- Jindagi "BEHTAR" Hoti H Jb Aap khush Hote h, Lekin Jindgi OR "BEHTRIN" Hoti H Jb Dusre Log Aap ki Vajah Se khush Hote h. 
24- Never 'TRY' or 'BEG' for support from others.
Stand 'ALONE' & Face d life as a RACE!
Then everyone will follow 'YOU'.


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