गुरुवार, 25 अगस्त 2011

Life is a great trip

"Har wo din tumhare liye EID hai jis din tum apni "MAA" se muskura kar baat karo.." 
2- Life Icecream Ki Tarah H
Taste Karo To B Pighalti H or Waste Karo To B Pighalti h
IsLiye Life Ko Taste Karna Sikho, Waste Karna Nahi. 
3- Life Can B Understood By Looking Behind,
But Can B LIVED Only By Looking AHEAD. 
4- Lafaj Insaan ke Gulam Hote H,
Magar Bolne Se Pehle....
Bolne k Baad Insaan Apne Lafjo Ka Gulam Ban Jata H... 
5- Kon kehta h ki khamoshiya khamosh hoti h ? Kabhi khamoshiyo ko b khamoshi se suno Kya pata khamoshiya wo keh de, Jinki Lfzo me Talash hoti h. 
6- Jo Shakhs Apni Kismat Pe Khush Hy,
Darasal Wohi Insan Khush Kismat Hy 
7- Dhan data
1 din yad rahta h.
Vastra data
1 mah yad rahta h.
Granth data
1 varsh yad rahta h
Jeevanbhar yad rahta h. 
8- Keep Correcting ur Little Mistakes,
Bcoz Nobody Slips down by Hills,
But just Slips by Little Stones. 
9- Keep cool when something BAD & unexpected happens. Never loss ur temper. Mental health is more important than Physical health. 
10- Jo puri imandari aur nistha se zindagi jeeta h vah insan apne jeevan k har lamhe me muskurane ka karn dundh hi leta h. 
11- Sant Wo Nhi Jo Pile Kapade Pahne Ho, Sant WO H Jinki Samsth Ichchhao Ka Ant Ho Gaya Ho Aur Unka Sampurn Jivan Samaj K Liye Ho. 
12- Powerful inspiring msg forever-
"If YOU want to SHINE like SUN.
First you have to BURN like sun." 
13- Life dose not provide Warranties & Guarantees. It only provides Possibilities & Opportunities, Don't miss them, Make BEST of it. . 
14- Even a small dot can stop a big sentense But "Few more dots can give a continuity, amazing but true every ending can be a new begining". 
15- Why there is so much stress in life? 
It's Bcoz..
We focus too much on improving our lifestyle 
Rather than  our 'LIFE'..!! 
At first people LAUGH at u..
Then they CHALLNGE u..
Then they WATCH u succeed
& then ?
17- never make d same mistake twice..
there r so many new ones,
try a different one each day..!!
18- Life is not a music player to listen to ur favourite songs.It is a Radio u must adjust urself to evry frequency Enjoy watever comes in it. 
19- Life is like an echo.All comes back, d good, d bad, d false & d true. So always give d world d best u have & d best will come back to u. 
20- Life is a great trip-
D only problem is, that it doesn't comes with a map.
We've to search our own routes 2 reach our destination. 
21- Life is too deep for words.
So don't try to describe it.
Just live it...
Nothing in life is to be answered.
It is only to be
22- Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.So be careful while taking any small decisions about the valuable pages of life. 
23- HAAR Tb Nhi Hoti
Jb Hm Koi Mukabla Haar Jate H,
Balki Haar Tb Hoti H
Jb Hm Ldna Chhor Dete H. 
24- Anything that happens is 4 a good reason & Anything that doesnt happen is only 4 very good reason.
Trust these words. U'll love ur life!

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