शुक्रवार, 22 जुलाई 2011

An Inspiring Facts

1- "A lamp does not speak. It introduces itself thrugh it's light.
Achievers never expose themselves. But their achievements expose them..!!! 
2- KAM ASA KRO ki pahchan bn jaye.
hr kdm chlo asa ki nishan bn jaye.
jindgi to sbhi kat lete h mere dost.
tu jindgi g ase ki misal bn jaye. 
3- God has 3 answers for each prayer-
3.I have another plan for u 
But he nvr says NO
Trust him always and he will bless U. 
4- "Water & Words
Easy to flow, impossible to recover...
" Use scarcely & wisely.. 
5- We always feel that God never comes on time when v call Him.
But d truth is. "He is always on time. But, v r always in hurry. be Patience. 
6- 1 of d best line said- 
If u r nt happy being single,
u'll nvr b happy in a relationship.!
Get ur own life 1st, den try to share it with sm1. 
7- Jab tak hum par lalch ka saya sawar hai tab tak humari aankhe khulna asambhav hai apne kartvay ko pahchane aur lobh ka tyag kare. 
8- "Yesterday I was clever. So I wanted to change the world. But Today I am wiser. So I have decided to change myself." 
9- "When u have PAINS in life"
Always remember the expansion of PAINS 
P. Positive
A. Approach
I. In
N. Negative
S. Situation 
10- "U may B close wth some 1 who makes u "HAPPY", bt b close wth someone who cant b "HAPPY WITHOUT U" it makes a lot of difference in "LIFE" 
11- "kar Bhala to ho Bhala"
Dusro k Dukh door karo.
agr aap dusro k Dukho ko nhi dekhoge to Bhagwan tumhare Dukho ko kese dekhenge. 
12- "Jo Apne Man Ko Vash Me Nahi Karte, Hriday Ko Shuddh Nahi Banate Ishwar Ke Prati Unki Sab Prarthana Vyarth H" 
13- A gr8 thinker was asked-
What is d meaning of life ?
He replied-
"LIFE itself has no meaning, 
LIFE is an OPPORTUNITY to create a MEANING". 
14- "Jivan Me Aane Wali Prtyek Kthinayan, Manushya K Andar Chhipi Hui, Pratibha Ko Viksit Krne Me Mhtwapurn Bhumika Nibhati H" 
15- "If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiven, selfishness and fears." 
16- An Inspiring Fact-
If u can laugh when u r completely broken up, then there is nothing in this World that can break u next time"... 
17- 'All Beautiful Things Start From Heart & All Bad Things Start From Mind..
Never Let The Mind Rule Ur Heart..
Let The Heart Rule Ur Life..! 
18- Amzing lines wich i lyk d most..!
..Yes.... I've made
Cuz lyf din't come wid "INSTRUCTIONS".... 
19- Agr khud pe or Khuda pe bhrosa krna SIKHNA h to PRINDO Se SIKHO. 
Jb Wo SHAM ko GHAR Waps Jate h
to UnKi CHOCH Me Kal K Lie Koi DANA Nhi Hota. 
20- A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.
-Read again 
21- A teacher informs
A good teacher explains
A superior teacher demonstrates
A Master inspires u by his being & learning happens. 
22- A River Cuts the Rock,
Not Because of its Power,
Because of its Consistency.
So Never Loose Your Hope
& Keep Walking Towards the Target. 
23- A Relation is Not How Long
We have Been Together.
Not How Much We Give Or Take.
Not How Many Times We Talk.
Its All About How We Value Each Other. 
24- Knowledge Speaks But Wisdom Listens. 
Gyan bolta h buddhi sunti h. 

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