मंगलवार, 12 अप्रैल 2011

Trust these words

1- Anything that happens is 4 a good reason & Anything that doesnt happen is only 4 very good reason.
Trust these words. U'll love ur life! 
2- rishta ?
"Aankh"or"Palak" sa hona chahiye,
Aankh me kuch gir jaaye to palak tadap uthti h.
or palak kuch der na jhapke to aankh ro deti h. 
3- purush se nari adhik buddhimati hoti h, kyoki vah janati km h pr smjhti adhik h.
Jago Shkti swrupa nari, tum ho divya kranti chingari. 
4- Chote-Chote Avsr ydi shi Disha pe jaye to dhara k Viprit b bhut bda kam kiya ja skta h. 
5- Dont b disappointed if world refuse 2 accept u.
Remember d words of Einstein-
"I m thankful 2 all who said no, its bcoz of them i did it myself. 
6- Difference b/w ordinary & extraordinary is just little EXTRA...
so make urself just little extra n win d race. 
7- Dusaro Ko Dukhi Dekh Kr Hme Dukh Hota H To Hme Bhagwan Ne Insan Bna kr Koi Galti Nhi kri H. 
8- Excellent SMS TO THINK ON:-
There R only 2 people who r failure in life:
Those who dont listen to anybody.
Those who listen to evrybody. 
9- Future is not what v planned 4 tomorrow.
It is d result of what v do 2day..
Do d best in present & Enjoy d future..!! 
10- GOD Upsets Our Plans Only To Set Up His Plan 4 Us.
While v c Our Present & Plan Our Future, 
He Sees Our Future & Gives Us Our Present. 
11- Golden Rule of Life:~
"Be good enough to forgive someone.
But don't be a stupid to trust them again. . . ! !"
Think on it... 
12- World's Most Beautiful Sentnce"But I M With U"World's Most Painful Sentnce"I M With U, But.."Words R Same But Where They R Placed Matters A LOT. 
13- Gr8 motivational words written on d entrance of anuniversity:
14- Gusse Me Boli Gayi 1 kathor bat Itni ZAHREELI Ho Sakti H-
Jo Hamari Hazaro Methi Bato K Parbhav Ko 1 Minute Me Nashat Kr Sakti H. 
15- HAAR Tb Nhi Hoti
Jb Hm Koi Mukabla Haar Jate H,
Balki Haar Tb Hoti H
Jb Hm Ldna Chhor Dete H. 
16- When u pray for 0thers, God Listens u & Blesses Them. When u r Happy & Feel Blessed, Remember Someone has Prayed for u.! 
17- Hate Bt lov more.
Argue Bt agree more.
Talk Bt listen more.
Punish Bt forgive more.
Then people wil love u more than u love them. 
18- Hardwork is like a staircase n Luck is like a Lift. Lift may sometimes fail but Staircase always takes us to d top. 
19- "d tree does not withdraw its shade from d woodcutter. So forgive d one who hurt you.They'll realize ur worth 1 day". 
20- Life is like a three pages of book.
First page "birth".
Last page "death".
centre page "empty" So fill with smile & Enjoy d life. 
21- Life is best 4 those who r enjoying it, Difficult 4 those who r analysing it & Worst 4 those who r criticise it. Our Attitude defines our lives! 
22- Heart Surgery Free of cost for children (0 to 10 yr) call 08028411500
It might save someone's LIFE. 
Bus k Conductor jaisi ho gayi h zindagi yaaro,
Safar b roz ka h or jana b kahi nahi.
If this right, Change ur portfolio. 
24- Jivan Milna Bhagya ki Baat H, Mot Hona Smy ki Bat h, Or Mot k bad b Logo k Mn me Jinda Rhna Apne Krmo ki Bat H.

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