गुरुवार, 7 अप्रैल 2011

Our life is a matter of choice

1- Never b Proud Nor be Depressed For what u r & d Position u hold. Because after a Game of Chess, d King & d Soldiers go into d same box. 
2- salt has a unique nature its prsence is nt felt bt its absence making tastless make ur absence noticable & presence valuable. 
Agar Maine Tamam Baate ''TAQDIR'' me Likhi Hoti,
To Mai Apne Bando ko kabhi ''DUA'' Mangna na Sikhata. 
4- A Great Thought-
Agar Ham Kuch Seakhana Cahate H To Hr Pal Se Bahut Kuch Seekh Sakte H.
Life Is Yours So Live Itself. 
5- Never say dat I failed 1000 times bt say dat I have discovered 1000 ways dat can cause failure.
-Thomson Edison 
6- U R a tourist in d World & GOD is travel Agent. All your journeys Reservations & destinations hv been fixed by GOD. 
Trust him & Enjoy d journey. 
7- Bhagvat Gita- 
"Your mind is ur gr8 friend if u control it,  BUT  Ur mind is ur greatest enemy if it controls u." 
8- True guidance can b like a small Lamp in a tunnel. It does not show everything at once, But gives enough light 4 d next step to B safe & sure! 
9- Thinking of Creative DEVELOPERS :
" Make d Best Rules 4 Follow Whole Life Bcoz Rules Give Us Action & Action Gives Us Result ! " 
10- Paint ur heart with love,
fill ur mind with peace, 
cover ur soul with joy, 
wrap ur dreams with hope, n enjoy ur life with confidence. 
11- Nice Quote:- "Never raise your Voice, just improve the Quality of your Arguments". 
12- The most determinative sentence which should always be followed in life- THE RACE IS NOT OVER B'COZ I HAVE NOT WON YET. 
13- It is always the best policy to speak the truth, unless, of course, you are an exceptional good liar. 
14- Never Worry For d Delay In ur Success As Compared To Others. Bcoz, Construction Of  "Wonders" Take More Time, Than Ordinary Structures. 
15- Coins always make sound. But the currency notes r always silent, So when your value increases, Keep yourself calm and silent. 
16- Who says there is no difference between COMPLETE & FINISH.
Choose d right person & u r COMPLETE.
Choose d wrong one & u r FINISH. 
17- Albert Einstein-
When the solution is simple, it mean God is answering. 
18- Whatever v receive is 'information'
Whatever v preserve is 'knowledge'
Whatever v use is 'wisdom' &
HOW & WHEN v use it is our 'INTELLIGENCE'. 
19- What is life? 
They say its from B to D from Birth to Death. But what's between B and D? It's a "C". It's a Choice. Our life is a matter of choice
20- We should not worry about next generation that-
They r not listening to us ! BUT, v should worry that-
They r observing us !! 
21- Waqt jaisa bhi ho "Acha" ya "Bura" badalta zarur h.
Isleye ache waqt me kuch aisa glat mat karo ki bure waqt me log apka sath chod de. 
23- Unko Bhagvan Ne Sab Diya
Hume Bhagvan Ne Kuch Bhi Na Diya,
Kyo Ki-
24- "I always Feel Happy..
You know why.???
Bcoz I dont Expect anything from Anyone.
Expectations Always Hurt..

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