गुरुवार, 7 अप्रैल 2011

B Happy 4 No Reason

1- Agar Koi Aap ko acha Lagta Hai.
To acha wo Nahi Ache To aap Ho,
Kyoki aap Usme Achhai TaLash Karte Ho.! 
2- "Change cant be given to u Everytime,
You Must Bring d Change"
Great lines said by-

Bus Conductor.
(Now read once again) 

3- wahT iS raeL Realatotin?
I M gvinG u aN exmpL
JsuT C tihS msG.
EvreY splleinG oF tihS msG iS wrnoG.BT sitlL yuO caN raeD iT wihtuoT ayN mitsake. 

4- Manushya jivan hme isliye nhi mila ki rat-din lalsao, vasnao ki purti me hi sara jivan lga de! 

5- words & hearts should b handle with care.
bcoz words when spoken and heart when broken r d hardest thing to repair.. 

6- Why v r made to write with pencil when r were small.
& now with pen ?
Bcoz mistakes made @ that time could b erased bt not now. 

7- An artist was asked at his award function: "Which is ur best painting?"
He replied:
"My next painting"
So let ur aim b better than before. 

8- A Quote that inspires to work hard & realize d value of time.
Every drop of SWEAT at young age will reduce ten drops of TEARS in old age. 

9- A Lyf without an AIM is like an Envelop without address;
A Lyf with AIM, but no plan to achieve it, is like an Envelop with address, not posted. 

10- A Dog Will Not Hurt u If u Beat It With A Bone
Use d Right Weapon To Handle People.
That's d Secret Of Winning. 

11- Success is d good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration. 

1-Look Back & Thank GOD
2-Look Forward & Trust GOD
3-Look Around & Believe GOD
4-Look Within URSELF & Find GOD. 

13- 3 Things CHILD Teach To Elders:
*To B Happy 4 No Reason.
*To B Always Busy Doing Something.
*To Know How to Demand Small Things Without ego. 

14- "Success follows when
'certain inner Disciplines' are PRACTICES Daily. Failure follows when 'few small Errors' r REPEATED Daily". 

15- "Smile and the world smiles with you. 
Weep and you weep alone." 

16- "Its not important to go to heaven after we leave, But its important to create heaven in someone's heart, before we leave.'' 

17- Chehre ki hsi se hr gm ko mita do,
Bhut km bolo pr sb kuch bta do,
Khud na rutho pr subko mna lo,
Yahi RAAZ h zindgi ka,
jeo esa k jina sikha do. 

18- Chand sarikho Bhag Minakh ro,
Nit ri Ghat Badh hove,
Mavas Poonam donu aave,
ke Mulke ke Rove. 

"God gave me nothing what I wanted but God gave me every thing what I needed. 


20- ASFLTA Hame yeh btati h ki SFLTA Ka pryas pure mn se nahi kiya gya h.

21- Best awarded Hoarding.
"Improve Ur Food Habits. Eat Ur Food As Ur Medicines. Otherwise
You Have To Eat Medicines As Ur Food. 

Teacher: If u tell me where is GOD? I'll reward u 100 rs.
Student: but I'll give u millions if u tell me where HE is not.. 

23- Beautiful Lines : 
Jindagi Aesi Na Jeeyo Ki Log FARIYAAD Kare.
Balki Aesi Jindagi Jeeyo Ki Log 

24- Bado kon e Jagat me
Pucho me aa bat,
Dhake Dosh jo or ko
So Jan Bado kahat

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