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keep moving towards your Goal.

1- Duniya ki mohabat se "RAB" Nahi milta
Lekin "RAB" Ki mohabat se duniya or jannat dono mil sakti hai. 
2- Pahle man se IMANDAR baniye, 
Fir vachan se or uske bad apne Karm se, 
IMANDARI he mahan vyaktiyo ka pad chinah banti h. 
3- Bhale he dusre log pahnawe se SABHAY bn jate ho pr aap apne AACHARAN or CHARITRA se sabhya bane. 
4- 100 % safal hone k liye khud ko 200 % sakriya banaiye. 
5- A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.
6- Hr sapne ko apni saso me rkho,
Hr mnjil ko apni baho me rkho,
Hr jeet h aapki,
Bs apne LAKSHYA ko apni nigaho me rkho. 
7- Logo Ko utni Jaldi Maaf Kar Diya Karo,
Jitni Jaldi, AAP ISHWAR Se Apne Liye Maafi Ki Umeed Rakhte ho. 
8- Feel the Depth of this sentence-
"God does not like d HARDNESS of d Tongue & d Heart. So he made them BONELESS.. 
9- V create emergency help & giver-taker network in ur area. If u want to join this grp. send ur name, city, mb num to 09377966600, 09929827894. Thanks
10- Face Challenges Confidently Thinking:
But After WINNING Be Humble Enough To Say:
11- Dreams give rise 2 hope. Hope inspires efforts. Effort results in success. So dreams r root of success. Let all ur dreams come true. 
12- Jo safar ki shuruat karte h wo manzil ko par krte h, Bus 1 Bar chalne ka hosla rakho,
Aap jaise musafiro ka to raste b intzar karte hai. 
13- If
Think, b4 scrolling down

Answer is=1
C d 1st Line.
Moral- life's very simple don't make it complicated. 
14- Dont live by d standards of dis world
nor by d expectations of other people!
Person who follows d crowd usually gets lost in it. 
15- I'll alwayz choose a Lazy person to do a difficult job
Bcoz, definitely he will find an easy way to do it!
-"Bill Gates"- 
16- Apna sudhar sansar ki sabse badi sewa h. Bodh diwas "BASANT PARW" pr aap sabhi ko hardik mangal kamnaye. 
17- If u can't fly, Run! 
If u can't run, Walk! 
If u can't walk, Crawl! 
But keep moving towards your Goal. 
That's true life! 
18- If u cry at trouble, it grows double n if u laugh at trouble, it disapears like a bubble. So always face ur problems with smile. 
19- If A Monday Morning Does Not Excite You & You Are Dragging Yourself To Work.... 
You May Be In The Wrong Profession. 
20- Hard work is like steps.
Luck is like a lift.
Lift may fail some times.Bt steps wil alway's get u to d top" 
21- Hamesha Unhi Ke Kareeb Mat Rahiye Jo Aapko Khush Rakhte Hai, Kabhi Unke Bhi Kareeb Rahiye, Jo Aapke Bina Khush Nahi Reh Sakte. 
22- Golden Rule:
"You can win life by all means if U simply avoid two things;
"Comparing" and "Expectation" 
23- God is invisible parent & parents r d visible God. 
So keep ur visible God happy, 
automatically d invisible God will become hpy. 
1 best BOOK Is
Equal to 100 Frnds.
One Good FREIND iS
Equal to A Library
-Dr.A.P.J.kalam sa

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