शनिवार, 18 दिसंबर 2010

think big

1- Kahte h ki aadmi puri jindgi dod (run) nahi sakta ! 
Lekin chal (walk) sakta h. 
2- Why is car's front glass so large & d rear view mirror small ? Bcoz Future is more important than past. Look ahead with bigger view. 
3- "SUCCESS" has only 1 Calculation-
Stop "Thinking in terms of Limitations" & Start "Thinking" in terms of Possibilities" 
"World is round" 
"Round is Zero" 
"Zero is nothing 
"Nothing is life" 
So be HAPPY & 
try to make others to Happy.That is Real Life. 
5- Future is not what v planned 4 tomorrow. 
It is d result of what v do today. 
Do d best in present & enjoy d future. 
6- After hard work from mrng 2 evng, Father ask-"Kitna Kamaya", wife-"Kya Bachaya"Children"Kya laye"
par maa puchti hai
"KUCH KHAYA"? nvr hrt mother. 
7- f people r trying 2 pull u down, b proud about it definitely conform that u r ABOVE them. 
think big 
8- Nvr trust d DOUBTED & Nvr doubt d TRUSTED ones. 
God has given us "REAL-EYES. to 
Think Twice & Act Wise. 
9- 4 all busy ppl-
Find some time 4 d dear once in ur life. Else 1 day u'll find time but not d dear ones to share it. 
10- Life runs on 2 golden rules. 
1-"Accept" d things which u cannot "Change". 
2-"Change" d things which u can not "Accept." 
11- However high d sky may be, 
However deep d ocean may be, 
However far d stars may be, 
Always remember 1 thing 
that it's not ur business. 
12- If v lose a pen v can buy new one But if v loss a pen cap, 
V can't buy new one.
So care 4 small things more in our life. 
13- Nothing can b changed by changing d face 
every thing can b changed by facing d change. 
Go ahead with confidence. Life us urs. 
14- A man asked god-
What is d meaning of Life ?
God- Life it self has no meaning in it.
Life is an opportunity to create a meaning. 
15- It's so common hearing 
How r u ? 
What r u doing ? 
Did v SMILE today ? 
If not, 
Do it now. 
16- Happiness is like Radio Station. 
Broadcasting all d time. 
U just have to learn how to tune it Properly. 
Stay Tuned. 
17- 1 din sagar ne nadi se pucha-
Kab tak milti rahogi mere khare pani me, 
Nadi ne haskar kaha- 
Jab tak tujh me mithas na aa jay tab tak. 
18- Do u want to see dis world After ur Death. 
"Donate ur Eyes" 
19- Inse b sikhe- 
Fan-B Cool 
Mirror-Reflection ur act 
Clock-Value every minit 
Calendr-B update ur self 
20- 3 stage of lyf- 
Teen age-Hav time & energy bt no money. 
Working age-Hav money & energy bt no time. 
Old age-Hav time & money bt no energy. 
21- U can not change ur future but u can change ur habits. & Surely ur habits will change ur Future. 
22- Evn iron become weak van it's hot & ppl use it as they wish. Always try to stay cool if u wish to be strong. 
23- Easily achieved things does not stay longer....... 
And Things which stay 4 a long time r not easily achieved ..... 
24- Speak less to d ppl u love d most....
Bcoz if they can't understand ur silence, 
They can nvr understand ur words.

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