शनिवार, 18 दिसंबर 2010

Prasannta sabhi sadguno ki maa h.

1- Ratan Tata says- "I never take right decisions; 
I take decisions & then make it right". 
That's called ATTITUDE.
2- Aaj Mitrta divas pr apni dosti ke nam lgaye 1 podha, 
Jo rhega PRTEEK aapki Dosti ka or 
sanklp lijiye ki 2no ki taumr raksha krenge.
3- "Lies have speed. But d TRUTH has Stamina. 
4- Jitni lakdi ki jarurat hamare dah sanskar me rahegi utne ped to lagawe. 
5- To be successful, U need friends. But To be very successful U need ENEMIES. 
6- Lucky is who get d opportunity. 
Brilliant is who creates d opportunity. 
Winner is who uses d opportunity. 
7- Jo Jimmedari lete h wahi SAFAL hote h. 
Only one who takes responsibility, can success. 
8- A Small sentence with lot of meaning- 
"Every human in d world is BLIND to his OWN Faults.
9- Unexpected care always keep us happy.
but expected care always make us unhappy.
So Live with happy & without expect. 
10- If u sleep on flowers, its first night.. 
If flowers sleep on u, its last night.. 
11- Hurting Someone is As Easy As Cutting The Tree. 
But Making Someone Happy Is Like Growing a Tree.
that Takes Lot Of Time.. 
12- Do ordinary 4 God, He'll do extraordinary 4U. 
Do natural 4 God, He'll do suprnatural 4 U. 
Do possible 4 God, He will do what is impossible 4u. 
13- Clock makes sound tick-tick,
Bt Listen carefully 
It is not tick-tick its real sound is quick-quick 
Bcoz time is PRECIOUS,So make BEST USE of it. 
14- All Winners Do Not Have To Be Hard Worker. 
But Every Hard Worker Surely One Day Becomes A Winner. 
15- A strange fact: 
Its very easy to hurt someone and then say "sorry" 
but its really very difficult to get hurt and say "i am fine"... 
16- A man said- 
"Erasers r made 4 those who make mistakes" 
A youth replied- 
"Erasers r made 4 those who r Willing 2 Correct their Mistakes" 
17- Kya aap Sare sadgun prapt karna chahte h- 
PRASANN (Happy) rahna seekh jao. 
qki "Prasannta sabhi sadguno ki maa h.
18- "RESPONSE" is one of d most powerful weapons to occupy a place in someone's 'HEART'. 
So, alwz give d best response to d persons who care for u. 
19- "ppl r made 2 b Loved & Things r made 2 b Used"
D confusion in d World is
"Ppl r being Used & Things r being Loved" 
20- Remember this all life- 
21- "Most used alphabet "A" dsnt appear in spell of 1 to 999, 
It appears 1st time in 1000 & continues 4ever. 
Longterm success require PATIENCE. 
22- "Life is like a Football game & v r d Football. 
Nvr mind d kicks of d people. 
Bcoz without Kicks, V may not reach the GOAL
24- Tan-Man-Dhan, Sabse uper wan.

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