शनिवार, 18 दिसंबर 2010

donor of love.

1- Apne me dosh ho to Aalochko ko ninda se nahi roka ja sakta h. 
2- Ped lagana karya mahan 1 ped 10 putra saman. 
3- Tulsi birwa ropan ka abhiyan chalawe. 
4- Never change ur originality 4 d sake of others. 
"Bcoz no one can play ur role better then u.
"U r d best when "U r U" 
5- Good decision comes from experience But Experience comes from wrong decision. 
That's life so don't worry 4 mistake. 
Go ahead & learn from mistake. 
6- Once in a seminar-
A question was asked... 
What is true love? 
Appreciated answer was...
Only GOD & MOTHER knows d exact answer. 
7- Ishwer sabhi ko shresht jimmedari sopta h, 
per prasann unhi per hota h jo unhe nibhate h. 
8- Don't b disappointed from NO. 
Remember d words of Einstein- 
"I m thankful 2 all those who said NO. 
It's bcoz of them i did it myself. 
9- No difference between COMPLETE & FINISH.
Bt van u trust a right person U r COMPLETE. & van u trust a wrong person U r FINISHED. 
10- Tum kya ho ? 
Yadi is bat ko janna chahte ho to AATM CHINTAN karke dekho ki tum kaise vichar karte ho. 
11- Hm kya karte h, Iska mahtav km h, Kintu kis bhaw se karte h, Iska bahut mahtav h.
Always Remember it. 
12- Risk is my life. 
Possible is my love. 
Impossible is my aim. 
Dangerous is my game. 
Don't play with me. 
Bcoz "SUCCESS" is my name. 
13- Give thousand chance to ur enemy to become friend but don't give a single chance to ur friend to become enemy. 
14- Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. 
Bcoz Impossible self says that I M POSSIBLE. 
B4 u pray-Believe 
B4 u criticize-Wait 
B4 u speak-Listen 
B4 u spend-Earn 
B4 u write-Think 
B4 u quit-Try 
B4 u die-Live. 
that's Life. 
16- "Tomorrow" will come daily. But "Today will come today only. So finish ur today's work today & be free for tomorrow. 
17- Sahi waqt aa gaya h. 
Kahte h sab ved puran 
Ped lagana karya MAHAN. 
18- Such (Truth) or Jhunth (Lie) punah dhyan de Such or Jhunth dono kitna bhi chipao chip nahi sakte. 
19- Life ki har situation me 2 raste hote h- 
1) Bhag Lo (Run Away) 
2)Bhag Lo (Participate) 
Life is ur. & u r d selector. 
20- Crow sitting on a tree doing nothing. Deer thot 2do d same & sat on ground. A lion came & ate it. 
Moral-2sit & do nothing u need 2b on top.
21- Very Deep Thought- 
Do u want to happiness in life ? 
Then never be a beggar of love. 
Always be a donor of love. 
22- Hasi ke nagme gate raho,
Waqt nikal kar muskarate raho,
Jindgi kab deti h moka bar-bar,
Isliye Moka dhundho or,
Khil-khilate raho. 
23- Nothing is interesting if u r not interested. 
24- "SMILE" is nat a single word ! 
It is a beautiful sentence !
So always keep Smiling.

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