शनिवार, 18 दिसंबर 2010

"Do b4 u Die"

1- When one wins without any trouble. He creates "VICTORY". But When one wins with a lot of troubles he creates a "HISTORY". 
2- If every one is happy with u then surely u have made a lot of 'COMPROMISES' in ur LIFE. 
3- A nice quote written on a bus stop-
"Only buses will stop here. Not ur time
So keep walking towards ur GOAL." 
4- "RESPONSE' is 1of d most powerful weapon 2 occupy a place in someone's 'HEART'.
So, always giv d best response 2 d person who care 4 u. 
5- Zindgi ki khubsurti ye nahi ki aap kitne khush h, 
Zindgi ki asli khubsurti ye h ki dusre aap se kitne khush h. 
6- Chidiya ka baccha- Maa aasman kitna bada h ? 
Chidiya bacche ko apne pankho me samahit kar boli, 
"Isse chota h."...
Nothing is bigger dan MOTHER. 
7- Best reason 4 our failure- 
V r expecting Orange by standing under Mango tree. 
So v should change either our EXPECTATION or TREE. 
8- Agar jivan me khushi chahte ho to....
apne dukhi rahne ki aadat ko tyaag do.
Mushkil h per mumkin h. 
9- charlie chaplin says- 
Don't LOVE d cheatable heart & Don't CHEAT d lovable heart. 
10- Difference of God & Humans love- 
A bird in d 'sky' is God's love. 
A bird in d 'cage' is Human's love. 
11- Jise PARHIT sadhne se he fursat nahi milti, 
uske HITO ki raksha karne ke liye swyam BHAGWAN ko aana padta hai. 
12- Develop from TODAY-
d habit of saving Water, Electricity, Fuel and plan Trees. 
Bcoz man makes d habit & then habits make d man. 
13- There is no definition of a good day or a bad day. It all depends on u & ur thoughts. Either u run d day or d day runs u. 
14- Easy to cry in pain, 
Easy to laugh in joy. 
crying in joy & laughing in pain shows d real deepness of situation & ability of a person. 
15- Archivers never expose themselves but their achievements expose them. "Do or Die" is old saying but "Do b4 u Die" is d new one. 
16- If u wait to be happy u will wait forever, 
But if u start to be happy u will HAPPY forever....
So don't wait. Start be happy. 
17- Duniya ki sabse khubsurat jodi h ? Muskrahat or Aansu.
Dono ka ek sath milna mushkil h lekin jab mil jate h to wo pal sabse ANMOL hote h. 
18- A ship is always safe at d shore. But it is not built 4 that. So take risk & archive more in ur life. 
19- D plus symbol is made with a pair of minus symbol.
All negative things can be shaped as positive always & walk ahead in LIFE. 
20- Be blind 2 d faults of others, It bring PEACE in ur life. Bcoz people won't change, u got to change ur way of accepting things. 
21- Fact of life- Whom i dont need 2day, U'll need tomorrow. Whom u reject 2day. They will never again accept u tomorrow. 
22- Nvr think hard about PAST It brings Tears. 
Dont think more about FUTURE It brings Fear. 
Live with dis MOMENT with smile It brings Cheers. 
23- The Best way to destroy an enemy is to .Make Him a Friend. 
24- Mission 4 success, V have to cross 3 stages Insult Opposition & Acceptance. 
Fools stop d 1st, 
Loosers stop d 2nd & 
Winner cross d 3rd.

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