मंगलवार, 28 जून 2011

Sacha Mitro ma hu "PREM" 6u.

1- "Our true character is most accurately measured by how we treat those who can do nothing for us..." 
2- Valuable-
"Dont mix d words wid ur mood bcoz u'll ve many options 2 change d mood but u'll nvr get any option to replace d spoken words" 
3- When U Feel God is Rubing U Against d Rocks, Dont Think dat U will Ruin Down 2 Dust. Its just dat He is Polishing a Gem, Bcz U r Precious! 
4- Two words from Sanskrit that are strikingly similar, CHITA & CHINTA.
One burns the 'Dead' & the other burns the 'Living' 
5- SRI Krishna a gita ma kidhu 6e.
Vruwxo ma hu pipdo 6u,
Paxio ma garud 6u,
Praanio ma sinh 6u,
Graho ma surya 6u ane
Sacha Mitro ma hu "PREM" 6u.
6- Asfalta aapko mahan karyo k liye taiyar krne ki prakrti ki yojna h. 
7- Har ka Swad malum ho to jeet hamesha meethi lagti h. 
8- Somebody said to God:
God replied-
"Who asked u to love life?
Just love a person who loves u and ur life will be beautiful" 
9- When MIND is weak situation is a PROBLEM, when MIND is balanced situation is CHALLENGE, when MIND is strong situation is an OPPORTUNITY. 
10- "SPEAK only when you feel your words are better than the silence..."! 
11- Past is Waste Paper,
Present is News Paper,
Future is Question Paper,
So Carefully Read & Write.
Otherwise Life becomes Tissue paper. 
12- UNCHE KAD ke vyakti humesha neeche dekh kar chalte hai, isliye zindgi apne se neeche logo ko dekhkar jeeni chahiye. 
13- We discover who our real friends are when we are in trouble. Troubles are useful as they are temporary while the discovery is permanent. 
14- Ur mind is a constant traffic of thoughts, & it is always rush hour, day in, day out. Meditation means to watch d movement of thoughts in d mind. -osho 
15- Strange Fact-
Everybody Wish to Go Back & Repair Their PAST, that impossible.
But, Nobody is prepared to Construct their FUTURE that possible. 
16- Me bhagwan hu or tum b bhagwan ho.
Fark bs itna h ki me yah janta hu, tum nahi jante.
-Satya Sai 
17- Only ppl who r below ur Stndrd Coment on u,
Bt who r above u, dey jst Sm!le @ ur m!stks,
So nxt T!me !f sum1 comnts on u,
Jst g!ve dem ur Sm!le. 
18- We are all born in this world for some special Purpose... 
none of us are waste. So, don't be a prisoner of past be an architect of ur future. 
20- If evrything is goin acordin 2 ur wishes,den U r lucky. If it is nt goin, den u r too lucky, bcoz it is going acordin 2 god's wishes. 
21- Ishwar se kabhi kuch mat mango.
Ishwar wo nhi deta jo Aapko achha lgta h.
balki Ishwar wo deta h jo Aapke liye achha h. 
22- Y r v made 2 WRITE wid PENCIL wen v r CHILD & later on wid PEN ?
Coz MISTAKES made at dat tym is allowd 2b ERASED.
Bt nt later on.! 
23- You have the capacity.... 
You just need to find the tenacity.
You have the vision.....
You just need to find the determination. 
24- Personality is - who we r and what we do when everybody is watching.
Character is - who we r and what we do when NOBODY is watching.!

Thinking of Creative DEVLOPERS

1- For a Gud Relation of LifeTime Think Of This.
''Dont Ever Forget The Little KindNess Of Anyone Dont Remember The Small Faults Of Anyone". 
2- Jis kary ko harsh or ullas k sath kiya jata h, usme sflta nishit h.     -Sunder kand 
3- When u r HAPPY
u want to Reach d Person YOU Love d Most BUT
When you r SAD u want to Reach d Person WHO LOVES YOU MOST. 
4- Without crossing d worst situations,
No one can touch d best corners of life.
So always taste worst situation & get best results. 
5- Dnt b afraid to make a mistake, bt make sure u dnt make same mistake twice. 
6- Feel the depth of this sentence-
"God does not like the hardness of Tongue and Heart..
That is why He made them Boneless ...!! 
7- Doobta h to-
PANI ko dosh deta h.
Girta h to-
PATTHAR ko dosh deta h.
Insaan b bada AJEEB h,
Kuchh kar nahi pata to-
KISMAT ko dosh deta h. 
8- 4 corruption cvc call-
Memo-10 to 7 Monday to Friday
Direct Complaint.
Mobile Clip (sting) allow.
Jago Bhai ........
9- Dhirubhai Ambani-
10rs pen is also costly when u have less than 10rs
So increase ur income bcoz u cant decrease d price of pen. 
10- Koi Kriya Akarn nhi hoti, Karn se hi Kriya ki utpatti hoti h.
Aaj jo ho rha h uska Karn Hmara Atit h or jo Bhavishy me hoga vo aaj k Karn.......... 
11- Luck is important factor in our life so don't wait ur good luck but learn how to make good luck. 
12- Success Is a Vehicle Which Moves On a Wheel Named "Smart Work" But The Journey Is Impossible Without The Fuel Named "Self Confidence!!" 
13- Kisi Mandir ki diwar pr likha tha...... 
Jb apne liye dua kro to dusro ko b yad kiya kro,
kya pta uske naseeb ki khushi apki 1 dua k intezar me ho. 
14- Jo LOG BHAGWAN k KAAM mai apna SAMAY, SADHAN, DHAN lagate hai BHAGWAN B unke KAAM mai SADHAN aur DHAN ki KAMI nahi ane dete hai.
16- If u 've d spirit of understanding everything & taking it in proper way, u ll enjoy every sec. of life, whether it is 'PLEASURE' or 'PRESSURE'!! 
17- Thinking of Creative DEVLOPERS-
" Make d Best Rules 4 Follow Whole Life Bcoz Rules Give Us Action & Action Gives Us Result ! " 
18- Vina k Tar ko itna mat chedo ki Tar tut jaye, or itna Dhila b mat chodo ki sur b na nikle.
19- Patience and Silence r powerful energies, Patience Makes u Mentally Strong, Silence makes you Emotionally Strong.
Have a Strong & Heathly Life. 
20- Quote for Goal:
Every ceiling,when reached, becomes a floor, upon which one walks as a matter of course and prescriptive right. 
21- Waqt Kahta H Fir Na Aaunga,
Teri Aankho Ko Ab Na Rulaunga,
Jeena H To is Pal Ko Jee Le,
Shayad Me Kal Tak Na Ruk Paunga.
"Life is Beautiful" 
22- Think about YOURSELF once in a day,
othrwise, U may miss to meet an EXCELLENT Person in this World. 
23- A Big Pot full of Water can be Emptied by a Small Hole Even a little ANGER/EGO will Burn up all the Nobility of a Good HEART.
So Stay COOL.....
24- "The most painful moment of life arrives when ur care is understood as interference.."
 So CARE only for those who DESERVE & RESPECT ur CARE!

विज्ञ जनों के सत्परामर्श

1- "We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves." 
2- "Life is like a flute, 
It may have many holes & emptyness
But if u work on it carefully, 
It can play magical Melodies". 
3- "Manushy K Karm Me Yadi Ahankar Aa Jaye To Yahi Ahankar Ek Din Use Apno Se Dur Kar Deta H" 
4- "Every1 may nt b gud bt der is somthing gud in evry1 So nvr make a constant image 4 any1 bcoz every Saint has a past & every Sinner has a Future" 
5- zindgi me sikhne ke 3 trike h.
1.Apni gltiyo se
2.Dusro ki gltiyo se
3.Dusro ki sfaltao se.
inme sbse acha trika 3. h fir 2. or fir 1. 
6- Beautiful quote-
"We need Everything 'Permanent' For a 'Temporary' life !!" 
7- Beautiful photos r developed 4m negative in a dark rum so wen u c darkness in ur lyf, belive dat God is preparng somthing beautiful 4 u. 
8- Always B Like A Child Coz D Child Does Not Know About Its Past As Well As Its Future But It Enjoys Every Second Of Life Bring out d child in u. 
9- All Communication Problems r Bcoz v do not Listen to UNDERSTAND, Rather v Listen to REPLY. 
10- Believe Where Others doubt.
Work Where Others refuse.
Save Where Others Waste.
Stay Where Others Quit. 
And you Will Win Where Others lose!! 
11- Apne aapko khud vayvasthit kijiye nhi to apko dusro ki vayvasthao pr chalna padega. 
12- Nav Sanvatsar 2068 ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye-
Aisa koi jahan mile,
jaha chehro pr muskan mile,
khas mile mandir me allah or masjid me bhagwan mile. 
13- The Law of Win says, "Let's not do it your way or my way, let's do it the best way." 
14- Zindgi ki sabse badi safalta Wo hai.
Jab aapka Parivaar aapko Dost samajhne lage.
Aur Dost aapko apna Pariwar. 
15- DELAY is d enemy of EFFICIENCY..
WAITING is d enemy of UTILISATION...
So, Don't delay anything & Don't wait for anything.. 
16- Cool attitude..
I don't have time to hate people who hate me,
bCoz I'm too busy loving people who love me. 
17- Duniya mai 2 aadmi apko sabse jyada jante hai,,,
ek woh jo apko sabse jyada mohobbat karta hai
aur dusra woh jo apse nafrat karta hai.. 
18- Beautiful words Read it till you under$tand:-
"Faults are Thin when Relationships are Thick". 
19- Dharti Pe Ishwar Ki Talas H,
Malik Tera Banda Kitna Nirash H,
Q khojta H Insan Ishwar Ko,
Jabki Tere Dusre Roop Me MAA Uske Itne Paas H. 
20- Chinta kl k Dukh ko km nhi krti, Blki aaj ki "Takat" ko ghata deti h. 
21- Char Palo Ki H Ye Zindgani,
Ise Usulo Me Mt Sametna.
Khud K Hisse Ka To Ji Lete H Sabhi,
Kbhi Dusro Ka Hissa B Bankar Dekhana. 
22- Best Line 4 a Practical Life from Charlie Chaplin-
"I have Many Problems in My Life.
But My lips don't know that"
They always Smile. 
23- Ho Ishwar k ansh aatmavishwaas jagao re, Hokar rajkumar na tum kangal kahao re -Vand. Mataji
Ham Badlenge Yug Badlega.
24- Hitechagent-
The Best Sentense By Swami Vivekananda:
"Take risks in ur life"..
>If u win, u can lead.!
>If u loose, u can guide.


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