मंगलवार, 24 मई 2011

हम बदले तो युग बदले

1- SMILE is a Cooling system of HEART
Sparkling system of EYES
Lighting system of FACE
Relaxing system of MIND.
So activate all systems & kee
2- Small Lines But A Lot Of Meaning..
"The Reason Why People Talk Behind Your Back Is Because You Are Ahead Of Them" 
3- Short But Cute:
"Be a good person..
Never try to prove it.
4- SAPNE Ka Pehla Lafz "S" Hota H.
Lekin Agar "S" Ko Nikal Do To, "Apne" rah Jate h, aur Agar "APNE" sath Ho to "SAPNE" zarur pure hote h.
5- Parinda Apne Paon Aur Insan Apni Zaban Ki Wajeh Se Jaal Me
Phansta Hy.
Narmi Akhtiyar Karo
Q k Lehje Ka Asar Alfaz Se Zyada Hota Hai
Chahe Lakh Kro Tum Puja, Or Teerth Kro Hzar, Agar Maa-Bap Ko Thukraya To Sb Kuch H Bekar .
7- Relations
play d same role in our life,
both care 4 us in pain.
Only difference is that relationship doesn't have n xpiry date.
8- Reality of life:
People don't Change when u tell them Better Option.
They Change only when they Realise that there is NO OTHER OPTION.
9- When u need "Advice" Everybody is ready to "Help" Bt When u need "Help"
Everybody gives u only "Advice" It's True.
10- Problems & Dificulties r lyk Big Cotton Bags.
It Looks Huge 4 Those who see it,
But it looks Lighter 4 those who Handle it.
11- "Jab mn mile hote h, tb buraiya b achchhi lagti h, lekin jab mano me khatas aa jati h tb achchhaaiya b buri lagti hain" 
12- Don't mix d words with ur mood bcoz u'll hav many options to change d mood but u'll never get any option to replace d spoken words. 
13- "Don't look back when you are moving towards success. But don't forget to look back after reaching success..." 
14- "A person who walks with his legs reaches his destination.,
But a person who walks with his brain reaches his destiny..!"
15- Der z no wine if grapes r nt PRESSD, No perfume if flowrs r nt CRUSHD,If u feel any PRESSURE in lyf, it means God is bringin d bst out of U. 
16- Educated ppl Change themselves According to d Situation.But,Experienced ppl Can Change d Situation According to them-!! 
17- 1-The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend
2-Apne sobhagya ko srahte rahe.
3-Dusro ka jivan sunder banane me shayta kare.
18- sUPERB thought-
All winners don't have to be hard worker, but every hard worker surely one day becomes a winner!:
19- Sucess is a Century
Make it.
Problem is a Yorker
Face it.
Luck is a Fulltoss
use it.
FREE HIT never Miss It!.
20- Success Formula:
=>Never Be Late
=>Live Simple
=>Expect Little
=>Work More
=>Smile Always
=>Think Positive
=>Don't Argue
=>Be Confident
Seva mai badi shakti h.usse bhagvan b vash mai ho sakta h !
22- 3 Great Philosophies:
1. Ability can nevr remain hidden.
2. No injury is deepr than insult.
3. The birth of tension is the death of talent.....
23- "SOORAT" aur "SEERAT" main sab se bada farq ye hai ki, SOORAT "DHOKA" deti hai, Jabki SEERAT "PAHCHAAN" karati hai. 
24- Bit gaya so Bit gaya
us Bite ka Sikva kya karna.
Bite Samay ki Bato se Atit Badal nhi skta pr Bite AnuBhav se Bhavishy jarur bdl skta h.

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