शनिवार, 26 मार्च 2011

Keep dreaming & make it a reality

1- Experience Makes One MODIFIED.
Training Makes One QUALIFIED.
But, Involvement Makes One SATISFIED!
So do all ur Work with complete INVOLVEMENT. 
2- Life is Beautiful
- 1 Day
- 1 Hour
- 1 Minute
It's not come Again so plz Avoid Fight, Avoid Angry , Speak Lovely & Spread ur Smile. 

3- V-Gyan kahta hai, 
Juban pe lagi chot sabse jaldi theek hoti h.
or Gyan kahta hai, 
Juban se lagi chot kabhi theek nahi hoti. 

4- Don't listen to those who tell u:
"Stop dreaming & face reality."
Just keep telling urself:
"Keep dreaming & make it a reality." 

5- Everybody knows how to build a beautiful "NATION" 
But only a few knows, how to live beautifully in the "NATION".
Happpy Republic Day. 

6- Thought Of The DAY-
Control on your "ANGER"
Cause it is just one letter away from

7- "DO OR DIE" Is An Old Saying.
"DO B4 U DIE" Is d New One.
Lets Create A Difference & Make World A Better Place To Live In. 

8- Freedom in Mind, 
Faith in Words, 
Pride in our Heart, 
Memories in our Souls. 
Lets Salute the Nation on 

9- Sansar ki do badi karunta-
1- Maa k bina ghar or
2- Ghar k bina Maa. 

10- Prem ko sakar hone ka man hua or MAA ka srajan hua. 

11- Maa, pahle aansu aate or tu yad aa jati thi. Aaj tu yad aati h or aansu aa jate h. 

12- Maa, Tum kaise ho ? 
Itna he puch, 
use mil gaya sb-kuch. 

13- 4 sal ka tera ladla yadi tere prem ki pyas rakhe to 50 sal k tere maa-bap tere prem ki aas kyo nahi rakhe ?
heartly love ur mother-father. 

14- Maa or Kshma dono ek he h. 
Kyoki Maf Karne me dono NEK h.
Meri pyari MAA teri jai ho. 

15- Matrbhasha, Matrbhumi or Maa ka koi vikalp nahi. 

16- On this day think of our past and  Try to built better future for all of us..  It is a duty of all of us!! I am proud to be an Indian. 

17- motivational emails-
send your email add. to 9929827894.
visit our blog-
09929827894-send ur msg 4 posting 

18- "The Greatness Of A Nation And Its Moral Progress Can Be Judged By The Way Its Animals Are Treated"
-M.K Gandhi. 

19- 2- One Nation, One Vision, One Identity
"No Nation is Perfect, it needs to be made perfect."
Meri Pehchaan Mera India 
Happy Republic Day. 


20- Every Morning is Rebirth Of Our Life SO Forget All Past Moments & Make Today Beautiful.

21- LIFE is a 1way road Whr, U can c Back . Bt U can't Go Back So dont miss anything Enjoy Every Second of Life. 

22- "Kisi ko "DUKHI" krne Me Aap ko "KUSHI" to Mil Sakti H.
Kisi ko "KUSHI" dene Me Aap ko kabhi b "DUKH" nahi hoga. 

23- As cold water & warm iron take away d wrinkles of clothes..
A cool mind & warm heart take out d worries of life..
Love life! It's beautiful. 

24- Aapki thodi c daya kisi bhukhe ko bhojan de sakti h. Beghar ko basera de sakti h or rote huai ko hansa sakti h.

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