बुधवार, 22 दिसंबर 2010

Beautiful Words

1- Evry day starts wiht sum expectation But every day ends with sum experience watever it happens think that It happen for good future. 
2- Personality is who we r & what we do when EVERYBODY is watching....Character is who we r & what we do when NOBODY is watching. 
3- Learn from Water, 2 Adjust urself in Evry Situation, In any Shape, Always find Out ur Own Way Beautifuly. 
4- INSAAN.. Ek Dukan He,
ZUBAAN.. UsKa Tala,
Tala Khulta He To Malum Hota He K Dukan "SONE" Ki He Ya "KOYLE" Ki.. 
5- Avasar mile tb shant, prasann hokr, mon hokar Drashta bano. Kuch na chaho, Apitu dekho ki PARAM PRABHU ne kitna diya h ? 
6- GREAT THOUGHT: Insan ko Bolna Sikhne Me 2 Saal Lagte Hai Lekin Kya Bolna hai.. Yeh Sikhne Me Puri Jindagi Nikal Jati Hai. 
7- Golden Word from RATAN TATA:
"If You Want to Walk Fast, Walk Alone,
But if You Want to Walk Far, Walk TOGETHER....!" 
8- God asked, "what is FORGIVENESS"? A little boy gave this lovely reply, "It's d wonderful smell that a flower gives when its being crushed." 
9- Future is not what v plan 4 tomorrow..its d result of what v do today...do the best in d present n get d best in future. 
10- Beautiful Truth Against GRAVITY.:- 
Heart Feels Light When Someone Is In It.
But Feels Very Heavy When Someone Leaves It. 
11- "In the business world,
D rear view mirror is always clearer than d wind shield." 
Warren Buffett 
12- Everything is Easy.when you are Busy.Nothing is Easy.when you are lazy. 
13- Chule asman, zamin ki talash n kr,
Ji le zndgi khushi ki talash n kr.
Taqdir badal jaygi apne ap hi e dost,
Muskurana sikh le wajah ki talash n kr. 
14- Beautiful Words: 
No one ever won a game of Chess by betting only on each forwrd moves. Some times U have 2 move backward 2 get a better step forward.
15- "Prayer is not an attempt to change the God's mind, But its an attempt to let God change our mind.." 
16- "Runner says "It is possible but risk.!" 
"Winner says " It is risk but possible.!" 
So, Work Hard & Achieve ur Target Sucessfully. 
Atah vastu, vyakti, sampatti se MOH tyaagkar use SAD-UDDESHYA me lagao. 
18- "See the clock only when you have no work. 
Don't see the clock when you r working.
Clock is a lock for success." 
19- U know who is d best couple in world?
Smile n tears.
Usualy they r not cn 2gether,
bt wen they r 2gethr its best moment of lyf. 
20- "Koshish karna ki zindagi me vo shakhs aapko hamesha muskurata hua mile jo... Apko aayine me dikhta he.." 
21- Short but Sweet Message- 
"Pyaar DiL Me Hona Chahiye Lafzo Me Nhi Or Narazgi Lafzo Me Honi Chahiye DiL Me Nhi" 
22- The great mistake of most of HUMAN BEINGS ?
23- Most creative & brilliant use of language Written on a poster- "Earth ka kuch karo warna UNearth ho jayega. 
24- I can count d number of seeds in an apple but i can't count d number of apples in a seed. Future is unseen. Hope always 4 d best.

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