रविवार, 7 नवंबर 2010

Life (Jeevan) - 2

1- This is d most meaningful msg-
Man asked god-
"Give me every thing to enjoy life."
God replied- 
"I have given u LIFE to enjoy every thing".
2- Life me kisi ko apne se chota mat samjho-
Example- Ek choti c chinti aapke pero ko kat sakti h pr aap uske pero ko nahi kat sakte.
3- Not all fingers r same in length, but when they r bend all stand equal.  Life becomes easy when v bend & adjust 2 all situations.
4- If every one is happy with u then surely u have made a lot of 'COMPROMISES' in ur LIFE.
5- A ship is always safe at d shore. But it is not built 4 that.  So take risk & archive more in ur life.
6- Fact of life- 
Whom i dont need 2day, U'll need tomorrow. Whom u reject 2day. They will never again accept u tomorrow.
7- "World is round" 
"Round is Zero" 
"Zero is nothing"
"Nothing is life" 
So be HAPPY & try to make others to Happy. That is Real Life.
8- Life runs on 2 golden rules- 
1- "Accept" d things which u cannot "Change". 
2- "Change" d things which u can not "Accept."
9- If v lose a pen v can buy new one But if v loss a pen cap, V can't buy new one. So care 4 small things more in our life.
10- A man asked god- 
What is d meaning of Life ? 
God - Life it self has no meaning in it.
"Life is an opportunity to create a meaning."
11- Good decision comes from experience But Experience comes from wrong decision. That's life so don't worry 4 mistake. Go ahead & learn from mistake.
12- B4 u pray - Believe. 
B4 u criticize - Wait. 
B4 u speak - Listen. 
B4 u spend - Earn.
B4 u write - Think. 
B4 u quit - Try. 
B4 u die - Live. 
"that's Life."
13- Life ki har situation me 2 raste hote h- 
1) Bhag Lo (Run Away) 
2)Bhag Lo (Participate) 
Life is ur.
14- "Life is like a Football game- 
v r d Football. Nvr mind d kicks of d people. 
Bcoz without Kicks, V may not reach the GOAL".
15- "Life is a small gap between BIRTH & DEATH", 
So in this gap be happy and try to make others happy. Enjoy every moment of life.
16- Every problm is lik a big door. Surely there is a solution like a small key whch can open it easily. Find the key. Life is simple.
17- Always remember-
"In life, there r people better than U,
There r people worse than U,
But there will never be one who is U."
Stay Special.
18- Everythng in life has a beautiful ending, 
if it's not beautiful, then b sure it's still not d ending. 
It's d begining of somethng bettr.
19- Very short but True. 
"Life is beautiful " But * Condition Apply."
20- Life laughs @ u when u r unhappy. 
Life smiles @ u when u r happy.
But Life salute u when u make others happy.
21- D best day of our life is d one on which u decide. 
your life is your own & u alone r responsible 4 d quality of it."
22- Life is like a coin. Pleasure & pain r d 2 sides. 
Only 1 side is visible @ a time.
But Remember Other side is also waiting 4 it's turn.
23- Important note for life- 
The birth of tension is d death of talent.
24- nothing can b changed by changing the face. but everything can b changed by facing the change.so go ahead life is yours.

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